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I think I'm a Clone now

PostPosted: Tue Jun 23, 2009 11:57 am
by german
22 hours remaining - This is what i'm thinking:

Really easy rules, have some ideas but need a little more time to express them.

The concept of the game will be to scape from a series of aparently magical rooms. A mysterious elder (Keeton) appears before them to give advise, help or complicate things.
Also a similar Keeton appeares from time to time, but only to mess things up.

Both of this NPCs are obviusly similar but the characters have no problem in distinguishing between them.

This place. whatever it is is beyond space and time, characters can have any backgound they wish, from any time, they can be from middle earth, present time or even from the distant future or an alternative reality.

Only requirements are: They have to be human, and have no superpower.

Metagaming is possible, though penalized. The more metagaming, the more likely that the character is a clone.

Some rooms, or rather, some situations are clone destroyer, which means, if the player is a clon, and he is put in that situation he will die immediatly.

Characters that die are replaced as soon as posible (Maybe in the next room, maybe they'll appear out of thin air) by another "clone"*.

basic game stat is the clone probability chance.
A fresh character starts with a 10% clone probability.

Aparently in order to get out of this huge construction filled with rooms, and into the real** world characters must know for certainly if they are or they aren't clones.

the rooms are like holo rooms (only that it's magic or science, depends on the room)... a few examples: sometimes super high science fiction like (The matrix style, bring me weapons, the cube style touch a button everyone gets what they deserve, in a gory bloody way), sometimes they are just plain torture chambers, sometimes they are safe passage to the next room... or magical key transports the characters to a Dnd tipycal dungeon crawl, or to the present time, even changing the characters clothes, weapons and items in the process!
After each tests is passed the characters get a little closer to the truth, and freedoom.

All seems to point that the characters are beeing testes in some kind of experiment for something.

Keeton good and keeton bad. One keeton, helps, never lies, but he doesn't tell everything either. the other tries to destroy and taint the characters quest.

All the characters can understand and speak to every creature they encounter thanks to a chip installed right to their brain (Think of Dr Who).

*or maybe, by the original one.

**(Real beeing a relative term, cause this real world is the world beyond space and time, so the characters can not go back to their previous world... yet)

Openning scene for all partys is similar, kind of:

A group of people wakes up in a white room, some have memories, some don't, some only a few flashbacks, maybe from their past lifes of their life in the rooms... They're all dressed in white kimonos, no labels no made in tags, nothing. Each one has a duffle bag with: 5 poker cards, a white magnetic card (Like a visa, only white with no inscription whatsoever except for their own name). Even if the character doesn't know its name.

The white room doesnt have a door, a window or anything. seems impossible to get in or out.

Inspired by:

The lord of ther rings, Keeton is like Gandalf.... in a weird twisted way. Oh, and Keeton is Sauron too.

The cube, I saw this movie a couple of weeks ago... for the first time, didn't like it but the hole concept was neat! The matrix.The island.City of Darkness.

Doctor who - I love this series!

That's all for now, I'm going to watch House MD for inspiration, and try a little bit of dice rolling to see what fits the game settings, and continue in a while... please tell me what you think of this dreadful ideas :)

PostPosted: Tue Jun 23, 2009 12:15 pm
by Chainsaw Aardvark
Unfortunately, you're not allowed to solicit help or feedback during your 24 hours - its a solo challenge. I'll tell you what I think of the idea and where I got the title from once you're finished.

Don't spend to much time getting inspiration from house - you set forth an idea that will take a good number of hours if you wish to do it justice.

PostPosted: Tue Jun 23, 2009 12:28 pm
by german
lol! You are absolutely right I completely misunderstood the fact that I can't get feedback in the next 24 hours. I did not ask anyone help fortunately, because it was very specific about not getting help from our friend in the rules, however my mind didn't process the obvius "No feedback from the forum while writing the game" :) sorry.

I'll keep posting updates every couple of hours anyway, 'cause it's fun! :) And tomorrow, hopefully a full pdf.

Not really looking for inspiration in house, just addicted to it :)

11 hours left and a little rules update

PostPosted: Tue Jun 23, 2009 8:06 pm
by german
Back in bussiness after couple of house episodes, dinner and a short nap. Here it's nearly 1,30 am now and I got up really early... anyhow...

character creation:

Every character has 3 basic Stats,
  • Mind Endurance: Represents how witty and inteligent a character is, in average.
    It represents the character natural intelligence and ease to learn new stuff. It is used to quote poems, to solve puzzles and to play musical instruments, among others.
  • Physical Endurance: Represents how athletic, resistant, strong and agile a character is. This is used to fight, to move large objects, to resist pain etc.
  • Keeton Affinity: Keeton affinity deals with environment weirdness, Keeton is the primordial magical state. Phsychic power,telekinesis, and all sort of supernatural events are dealt using these stat.

the stats has 5 levels, ranging from poor to superb.

the Levels are Poor,Low, Average, Great and Superb. each level costs 1 stat point

Each player has 6 stats points to distribute among those stats.These stats points must be distributed before the game starts.

  • Clone chance: Its an abstract representation (in percentage) of the characters certainty that he/she is the original. The lower the percentage, the better.

Skills Learned and Artifitially enhanced.
Learned skills help make the character unique. They represent what the character studied and learned through the course of his previous life as well as his lifetime spent in the construction.

Artifitially enhanced or artificially implanted skills are microchips inserted in the character that grants him a certain skill or knoweledge. They can be removed, but are otherwise indestructible.

The Game master should approve each characters initial skills. Given the diversity of universes from which each character can come from, creating an extense list would be useless, instead here is a list of common examples, keep in mind a player may select his own

A character starts with 4 skill points to spend however, he can not spend more than 2 sp in each skill.
Artificially enhanced skills are only available to characters that come from a time and dimension in which such enhancements are available. Artificially enhanced/implanted costs 2 points instead of one.

An artificially enhanced skill provides a bonus of 3 insted of 1.

A character might enhance a skill that he or she already knows (as in learned skill).

Learned Skills:
  • College graduated - specialty.
  • Fight, specialty: unnarmed melee.
  • short swords
  • Aim, specialty: ranged weapons (pistols).
  • long ranged weapons(Rifles).
  • Aim specialty bows.
  • sudoku master.
  • computer information security.
  • cooking specialty: alta cuisine (20th century).

Artificially enhanced:
  • Any learned skill can be artificially enhanced or implanted
  • Languages: Every character has this implant, it allows every player to understand each other, no matter the language, the time or dimensional door they come from.
  • Keeton affinity is the only stat that can be enhanced throught the use of artificial implants.
  • Life points enhancer: 1 extra life point per chip.

Life Points: Every character starts with 10 life points + 1/3 rounded down his physical stat.

Simple rules:
Trivial and complex actions.

Any action is performed using either mental, physical or keeton stat.
Depending on the action, it may be trivial,or complex and easy, hard or very hard.

A trivial action doesn't require to know a skill. can be done by anyone, from any time or dimension. These include among others: Jump, climb, swim, fight (with or without simple weapons), intimidate, persuade, and so on.

A complex action requires a specific skill or a similar skill in certain cases (maybe with penalizers). For example: Ride a motorcicle, fish, use a computer, use a complex weapon(crossbow, a gun if not of apropiate time, a nuclear weapon), use of machinery.

An easy thumb rule to decide if an action is complex or trivial is to ask this question: Is the technology of common use in this character's birthplace? If the answer is yes, then it's a trivial action for the character if the answer is NO or Don't Know, then its a complex action.

Also, if the technology is not common but the character may know it anyway then the action may be performed with a penalizer even if the character doesn't have the specific skill yet (IE: wielding a two handed sword by a XXI century RPG afficionado, although the RPG Afficionado is not likely to have trained with the sword it's very likely he knows how to use it, so he is allowed to perform the action anywat with a -3 penalizer, on the other hand, GURKOR the destroyer a IX century Viking doesn't have the Two handed sword skill but, can use it anyway without penalizers).

  • An easy action has a difficulty rating of 3. (dr3).
  • A hard action has a dr6.
  • and a very hard action has a dr10.

A character must only make a dice check (dc) if he or she has least stat points than the difficultt rating of the selected action.

Dice check.
In order to success a dice check a character must roll a six sided die. (d6) and multiply it by the stat points minus one(-1) of required stat. Then add the skill modifier if appropiate.

Simple example.
Ronald, the amnesic clown is trying to juggle 8 tennis balls. Ronald has 3 stat points in Physical and 2 skill points in juggling. Its a complex action with a hard difficult rating.
Ronald has the jugglin skill so he can perform the juggling without any restriction, dr is 6. So he rolls the 6 sided die, and gets a 2. 2 Multiplied by 2=4. 4+2(for juggling) = 6. He succedess!

Duel Melee NPvP and PvP.
Only for 1 vs 1.
This plays exactly the same for PvP and NPvP. Choose weapons, and armors. Sum your mental (minus 1) and physical stats, and add the correct skill proficiency (if any). This is called the threat level.

the higher threat level attacks first. If it's a tie, then flip a coin to decide who goes first.

the first player rolls a d6, and adds it to his threat level. If a 6 or a 1 is rolled then he continues to roll the die and add it to the threat level until he rolls a number between 2 and 5. Then the defender rolls a die, in the exact same fashion, repeating 1 and 6.
If the attacker's threat level is 3 or more points higher than the defender, then he strikes, and the defender's physical stat is temporarily reduced by 1. The round ends and starts over with the same player attacking. If the attacker's threat level is higher than the defender but is not 3 or more points higher, then he still wins the round but the defender's physical stat remains unmodified. If the attacker's threat level is not higher, then the defender immediately becomes the attacker. when an attacker hits 2 times in a row, then the defender falls flat to the ground overpower by the attacker's superiority.
At this point, the weapon's full damage is dealt, to the duel looser, if the looser managed to hit at least 1 time it's attacker, then half his weapons damage is dealt to the fight winner.

Absolute hit. if he rolls a 1 two times in a row, then he misses, if he rolls 6 three times then he strikes and the defender's physical stat is reduced by 2. No blocking is possible.

Duel Ranged NPvP and PvP

Roughly the same as the Duel Melee, the only difference is that the threat level is calculated by mental + (physical-2) + correct skill proficiency.And physical endurance is reduced by 2 instead of 1.

Absolute hit: physical stat reduced by 3.

Fighting multiple opponents:
No character can abandon it's enemy before the fight is over or theres a truth declared, so it's not possible to attack one oponent then choose another and then another if you don't overpower each of them first.

However, if there's a situation in which 2 or more characters are fighting only 1 character then special rules apply.

The outnumbered character has a -1 to his threat level per enemy and he can only attack one of them even though he must defend from all of them at a time. This will be covered in more detail... later


well... that's all for now. Still 11 hours left. but need to take a nap :)

PostPosted: Wed Jun 24, 2009 2:23 am
by Rob Lang
Looking forward to reading through the rest of this somewhat epic explain!

Massive update

PostPosted: Wed Jun 24, 2009 6:36 am
by german
The Game.

Characters don't know how they got here, they don't know much about anything that happens except a few clues.
The Construction is a training ground, there's a war going on outside of it. The construction is neutral ground from which each side takes it's recruits. One's a character is recruited, they are teleported to the real world.
There's a few problems though.
No faction wants a wimp. Recruits might get killed in the selection process.
The two most active factions need the flesh, not the mind. So a character can loose while beeing recruited.
The original is the only character that's no use for any of the factions, so if a characters can prove beyond any reasonable doubt that he is the original, he gets to go home. Or so they* say.

*they being "the rumors".

The Construction

It's an impossible building. Aparently it only has white rooms, a thousand million of them. Most of this rooms are big white and at first sight, empty.
Nobody knows ho build it, but its the characters new home, they home and every clone of them.
The place is magical, its filled with technology we can't even dream of. the good Keeton and the evil keeton seems to know everything about the construction, more importantly, every creature that dwells the construction seem to know and work for the Keeton twins.
Every room has a hidden passage to the next room. Most of the rooms are big white and empty at first, although as the characters progress through the construction, they'll find that some rooms doesn't even look like a room at all, some rooms might have a door to another dimension, leading to the most bizarres adventures of they're life, from a medieval town to a pirate ship in the caribbean, maybe even a brief stay at home. One thing is certain, no matter what the room is, at the end, the characters end up back in the construction.

The white rooms.

The first thing the characters notice is that all the empty rooms have a square carved in one of its walls.
The square is about 2 feet wide and 1 feet tall. If a character touches it, will slide to one of it sides revealing an atm kind of machine. Using this atm, a character can start the rooms test or buy equipment, advise or travel to another room (If they can remember the rooms id). Every time a room test is finished, characters will have to log into an atm machine to get their rewards, most of the time its in cash, its called construction credits. Sometimes it may be an item delivered to them.

The Atm.
In order to use this atm, a character has to put his white card in it, the first time a character uses the atm, a the character will have to create a 4 digit password to protect future transactions.

The ATm most como options are:
- challenge.

Starts current room challenge.

- buy equipment.

shows a list of current items that can be purchased at this atm. When a character chooses an item, a door will spawn in one of the walls, and a delivery man will show up with desired item. This will happen every time a purchase is made.

- call Keeton.

When a character selects this option, there's a 50% chance that Keeton will show up. an there's a 50% chance its either the good or the bad Keeton.

- travel to room id.

Transport up to 10 people to the selected room, immediately.

- show this rooms id.

shows current room id.

- help.

Helpful advise for succeding in current room.

The Two Keetons.

Welcome, I know you have a lot of questions. Unfortunately I can only give you a handful of answers. - Good Keeton
And I could give you the rest of them, but you'll have to give me something first... - Evil Keeton.

Good Keeton and Evil Keeton never appears together, one is clearly maquiavelich while the other, gives advise and often explain the rooms rules but is not a lovely character either.

Good Keeton will send a character to his world if he can absolutely prove that he is the original.
Evil Keeton will always try to taint the characters certainty that he is not a clone.

The Clone chance.

The games centers towards being a clone. Being a clone is not bad, it's dangerous.
There lots of people out there who uses clones as source material.

The Cyborgs,the Shadows and the silver skulls.

The cyborg army.

When a character stumble into a cyborg, the cyborg will try by any means to run a basic clone test, if the result is sattisfied, then the cyborg army will start sending troups until they get have the clones body to use as CPU for one of their soldiers.

The basic clone test consist of a visual scan 60% chance of being detected as a clone. if the visual scan is positive, then a blood test is required. A needle is injected and 1once of blood is extracted. a Clone chance is thrown, if this is positive, then the cyborg stocking starts, if negative, then player is left alone until he encounters another cyborg, then the process is repeated.

The shadows.

Shadows feed on clones.
They consume them. A shadow always present in the mind of the Constructions inhabitants. Every time a character fails a clone chance, the shadow gets more interested in the character, after 4 failed clone chances, the shadow starts consuming the clones mind. Represented as a -1 life point per day. and -1 mind stat per week. If life points or mind gets below 0, the character is consumed.
Before loosing the lifepoint or the mind stat the character can make a keenton check agains a dr10 if succedess then, no point is loosed that day. If succedess by more than 3 points, then 1 point is restored, either for mind or life, the players choice.

Silver skulls.

The silver skulls wander through the construction looking for high Keenton affinity bearers. A great or superb affinity means they are interested. They are the only ones that will try to convince the character into joining them, at first they'll offer help, if that fails, they might resource to torture kidnapping of a friend, valuable or worse. They work slowly but effectively.

Clone chance.

When a character metagames, clone chance goes up by 8%. Every time. It's the explanation to why he knows stuff that he shouldn't although it also may be because of a psychic link between all the clones and the original.

Every time a character meets one of his clones, he throws a clone chance. if fails then 5% is added. if success 1% is substracted.

Every time a character is tested for clone, the clone chance goes up 3% if fail or down 1% if success.

Clone destroyer.

Clone destroyers are special situations in which a character makes a clone chance and if failed, then characters head explodes in the spot.
A keenton affinity duel between two clones end up destroying the looser if a clone chance is failed.
Certain passages between rooms are clone destroyers.
A sacrifice is a clone destroyer situation.


Sacrifice usually means that one of the characters is tested for clone chance, in order to get a reward. Even if the character fails and subsecuently dies because of this, the reward is given.

Clone chance can never be over 85% nor least than 6%.
if a character has a clone chance of 10% or less and succedess 3 times in a row, then he is certain that he is not a clone, and if he manages to get in touch with Good Keeton before a failed chance, Keeton will teleport him back to the real world or to the "Chambers of truth" , depending on the characters wish.

Life outside the Construction is not covered by this game so far.

Past or Future rooms, if a room transports the players to another universe, and the GM wants to make it more tasty for the players, it's a good idea to use another games rules while in this chamber, for example travelling to a Dungeons and dragons universe, can be played using Dnd rules, or Merp, or travell to a Rift universe... :)

Hope you enjoyed reading this as much as I enjoyed writing it. I'll run a couple adventures myself and give you my feedback.
1 1/2 hour remaining! Now it's editing time, hopefully transforming these ideas into a readable format and adding a few drawings, wish me luck! :D

PostPosted: Wed Jun 24, 2009 8:20 am
by german
Well, here's the final work, it's not nearly as final As i hoped, still I hope you may find it interest at least maybe even playable. I've also posted a message on the 24 hour project cause there's where I did my first post, so you can easily check the hours spent.

PostPosted: Wed Jun 24, 2009 10:19 am
by Rob Lang
Congratulations on submitting. It's a great achievement! Although you've submitted, you can always go back and make more of the game. Perhaps post up in another forum and get some discussion going.

Re: I think I'm a Clone now

PostPosted: Thu Jun 25, 2009 3:43 am
by german
Thanks Rob! I'll take your advise and continue to work a little more in the game :)