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SPAM | Overall Review and Further Dev

PostPosted: Wed Sep 22, 2004 7:20 pm
by Andy K
Initial Impressions

MMmmmmMMMmmmm... Superpowers! But not too much else. Very cute, though.

Good Points

Character Generaction, Powers, etc are a snap to figure out. There is no wondering at how abilities go together, no points to spread, etc. Very straightforward, I can make a character in about a minute.

You can literally print out this game and run a game of it in under 5 minutes, if you're a fast reader.

Cute use of pics, fonts, and layout to get the theme a-running

Points to Work On

Setting- Sure, no one really needs it, but it felt like it needed something more. Like some pointers on adventures to run (more than one-line adventure ideas).

All in all, a nice attempt. Great power list, etc. It's a great "pull it out at the last second and run it" game... but probably not something to run as more than a one-shot. Still though, for what it does: Right on.