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Looking to play online

PostPosted: Sun Jan 31, 2010 5:21 am
by oversoul
Hi all I have been itching to run some of my games for awhile now. I was hoping I might recruit some players here or at 1km1kt. I have two already started and seeking players at One is a Nook game using the Chi rules, the other is a tongue in cheek game of soem rednecks captured by aliens using my Big Beers, Small Pretzels system.(More in for on am also open to running a Dice Chucker (on my website )game got some ideas for that, astronauts and/vs. cavemen, a star furry game. I would also be interested in running my Soul Surivior game for Quique(also on my website ). If anyone is interested and we can settle on something give a shout.