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Collaborative story-building?

PostPosted: Sat Jan 28, 2012 2:21 am
by Rubbermancer
Hey, does anybody want to just throw together a short story? Truly freeform play-by-post? I've got a good intro here, feel free to build on it and post a few paragraphs. If enough people get in on it, we can develop a turn-based cycle.

Streaks of whipped-cream cloud drifted sagely toward the disc of floating earth, scudding beneath and around it in cloying banks, as it hovered a clean mile above the ground. It was a rather wide patch of land; wide enough that its inhabitants, mostly congregated in the castle in the centre, had yet to notice their curious departure from solid earth at the hands of one Wiliborb Fetchley, a man who boasted a strong chin, and who had, in the small hours of the morning, used that chin to unlock a weird and powerful corner of his mind.

It was not yet dawn, but the chatter of birds reached up from far below to the ears of Wiliborb, who stood on the grassy outskirts of the landmass that he had, with the indifferent wrist flick of a demigod, riven from its foundations. Soon, the tower guard would spot him, and it was of the utmost importance to Wiliborb that their first sight of the enemy was an imposing one. First impressions, and all that. He checked the angle of his zheyin, making sure its three conjoining blades would catch the rising sun just so.

The lurking outlines of a score of hills and dales began to form before Wiliborb as the sun came up behind him. Here, high above the curvature of the earth, the sun’s brilliantine rays struck the landmass earlier than they normally would have. For the farmers of the outlying fields, rudely awoken by the crooning of the dayvines 2 chimes early, this was the first clue that not all was as it should be.

As the shadows sharpened, grey-scaled and became real, Cleasewy Keep’s daunting reliefs made themselves known; a sprawling array of dark, crenulated battlements and richly hewn lines, its high (impossibly high!) walls dotted with officious, plumed hats, now standing still, now bobbing towards each other, waggling in clipped, martial conversation, now about-facing and bobbing back to their posts. Wiliborb spat sharply into the soil. How he hated Cleasewy Keep and its silly hats.

Re: Collaborative story-building?

PostPosted: Sun Aug 05, 2012 7:49 pm
by PeckishGamer
Okay, I am really interested in this, but I am also a little confused. First, a question: What the hell is a zheyin? Google and Wikipedia both failed me for this one (forgive me for not digging harder, I figured it would be easier just to ask). Second, I'm going to try and summarize what happened in your post, and you tell me if I'm correct:

Wiliborb Fetchley (nice name by the way), used his chin/mind to take a big chunk of land (with a castle situated in the middle) and make it rise a mile up into the air. Knowing that the denizens of the castle would not like this, Wiliborb prepared himself to face the castle guards. Wiliborb does not like those that dwell in the castle and so is making sure they know it is he who raised the land into the sky, and that he is their enemy. Right at the end, people in weird hats start to look out from the castle and notice what happened/notice Wiliborb.

Am I close?

Okay, final question, what kind of stuff do you want people to write exactly? Should we take control of Wiliborb where you left off, or make original characters that fit into the story? I'm assuming the latter...

Anyways, awesome idea. As most of the forum-based RPing I participate in on other sites is more or less rule-less, I feel I could contribute to the thread well.

Re: Collaborative story-building?

PostPosted: Mon Aug 06, 2012 10:14 am
by Rubbermancer
The zheyin is as yet undefined. I was hoping we could all throw in little details like that, and define it in-play. And I totally don't mind you taking over Williborb at all! The idea with this is: Most freeform pbp, wherein each player is sole control of one character, seems a bit stilted to me. So why not just give up the reins on the characters, and focus purely on the narrative? Control Williborb all you want, as long as you develop him in the process, and don't contradict the "style" laid down for him in previous posts. Or, just put in a new character, or flesh out a farmer or guard, etc, or even just spend a post giving more detail to his zheyin, or the dayvines, or what have you. It's all wide open!

*EDIT* And yes, you've hit the plot thus far bang on.

Re: Collaborative story-building?

PostPosted: Mon Aug 06, 2012 4:32 pm
by PeckishGamer
Okay awesome to all of that. I will be posting my part of this collaboration shortly, at the moment I'm juggling a couple things, but I should have it up by this evening.

Re: Collaborative story-building?

PostPosted: Mon Aug 06, 2012 5:57 pm
by PeckishGamer
As the sun broke over the castle gardens, the Dawnglories opened their petals and Aetherabbits tromped through the brush. The attendants ran too and fro, hats half the size of them and shaped like a chef's (only light green) hanging from their heads. They could not understand why the sun had rose so early, and my was the castle in a rush because of it. The Wakers had to scramble to make sure everyone was at their posts at the correct time, which they would never have succeeded at, were it not for some dayvines which grew along certain spots of the castle wall. One Waker woke another in a wave of awakenings, until all who could be woke were awake. Those that ignored the calls and slept in would get an unkind visit from the Waterers, and you could guess what their job was.

One woman stood amongst the chaos with a stern, unfaltering disposition; it seemed that the early wake up and rushed atmosphere didn't faze her at all. Allaelia Groff stood atop one of the castle walls, looking down at the scenery before her. It was a good thing she did not fear heights or else she would surely have lost her stomach. As to what she was looking at, only she could discern; the wandering guards and mobilizing militias had stopped here and there, raising their hats to try and see Allaelia's target, to no avail. It was only when the sun rose above the hills that the others would stop with an "Oh!" or "Would you look at that?" A gleam of light, small from how high up Allaelia was, shined brilliantly from the ground below. Even before the sun rose, the woman already knew of the thing's presence, as she had eyes like an eagle; it was none other than Wiliborb Fetchley, her arch rival and enemy of Cleasewy Keep. She spat at the thought of the name.

"So then Fetchley, your chin-powers finally awakened, eh?" Allaelia said to herself. "Well, mine awoke long ago; let's see how you compare!" With that she leapt from the castle walls, and fell for what felt like forever. When she finally reached the bottom, she was swooning back and forth in the air like a feather. She landed already walking toward her mark. When she was in ear's range she shouted: "Oi! What's the big idea, then? You think you can just go and raise us up into the sky like that, and not have to answer to me?!"

OOC: I prefer not to take control of Wiliborb, it's more fun to me this way :) I hope you enjoy my addition, and feel free to take control of Allaelia if you like. She has "demi-god" powers similar to Wiliborb and a sour attitude.