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Re: SPF - The HypnoMechanical Theater, in Brazil

PostPosted: Tue Feb 21, 2012 7:48 pm
by J.K.Mosher
Richards' Final Scores:
Intelligence: 8
Will 10 (3base +7 from Methods)
Honor 7
Agility 13 (3base + 10will via Calm Nerves Trick))
Perception 1
Strength 3
Charm 1

Re: SPF - The HypnoMechanical Theater, in Brazil

PostPosted: Wed Feb 22, 2012 7:09 am
by Onix
J.K.Mosher wrote:Instead of breaking all the Methods/Tricks out in a separate list I fill doing them this
way will add to their possible acceptance of use, as it should explain what I was thinking as I chose them.
I Hope :D
That works fine :D

Richards gets a clean shot at the brute and hears it rumble out a yelp. It drops to all fours but rises again and launches itself through an impossibly thick portion of the underbrush. Richards runs up and examines the spot that the creature stood. Huge tracks 17 inches long are pressed into the dirt. He looks around and sees what he was looking for. Where the beast went on all fours, there is a spot of blood. Far less though than what he was expecting. In the evening light he almost missed it, he picks up what looks like a stone near the spot of blood and realizes it's some kind of hard scale dislodged by the bullet. The creature is armored!

There is only a little bit of light left in the day. Richards needs all the help he can get to track this creature. He hopes that the villagers will now help him but he turns around to find most of them gone to their huts or fleeing.

Re: SPF - The HypnoMechanical Theater, in Brazil

PostPosted: Wed Feb 22, 2012 10:54 pm
by J.K.Mosher
Out of frustration at the hand fate is dealing him with the vanishing light, the panicked
natives, and an armored foe he quickly slam-fires the remaining five rounds of his Colt
into the brush after the creature. He knows he has no chance of hitting it, but the working
the action and feeling the buck of the weapon is reassuring to him.

Regaining his composure he quickly reloads and holsters his weapon and then takes the scale
and approaches the Doctor. He had hit the hulking form solidly with a .44 caliber soft round,
and was unsure if even the larger rounds of his Sharps rifle or the Weatherby would provide
enough penetration to down the beast.

The Doctor and Anne looked shaken, but thankfully hadn't bolted. Richards looks to Paddington and
Brisbane to confirm that they too had also stood firm against the wail of the beast.

"I need to know . . . will anything in my arsenal penetrate these scales, or am I destined to
spend the rest of my life nicking the fell thing to death?" Richards hands the blooded scale to
the Doctor while rolling and lighting a cigarette. "I did that with the Colt using standard lead or soft
rounds. I have a few hard rounds for the Sharps, and the Weatherby, but will that make any difference?"

Almost as a second thought Richards walks off and returns a few moments later with his Sharps Rifle in hand.

"Ms Anne I hope this is not all too upsetting for you, but I have a duty to the Rail Company to deal with this
beast, and would suggest that you take refuge on the steamer until this is all settled." Richards returns his
attention to the Doctor who is examining the scale in amazement. "I know I can't chase it in the dark, and I know
this is real short notice there Doc, but if you can tell me what I might need to do to get past the scaly bugger's
hide so I can down it, before I leave to pick up the trail at first light it would be of great assistance."

Without waiting for the Doctor's reply Richards turns to Brisbane and Paddington, "I'm gonna need help.
You fellas up for a couple days of real brush hunting?"

Re: SPF - The HypnoMechanical Theater, in Brazil

PostPosted: Thu Feb 23, 2012 11:13 am
by Onix
Dr. Horrowitz examines the scale a bit numbly. He didn't fare well from the shock of the creature appearing. "I. . . I've never seen anything like it. Scales? It didn't appear to be lizard, why would it have scales?"

Brisbane is a little shaken still too, but he distinctly saw long red fur on the creature. It doesn't seem to add up.

Pedro emerges from a bramble on the far side of the town and walks up. "You did hit it, there's a trail but it's getting too late to follow it Senior Richards. We can only hope that it will not rain tonight and wash away the trail.

The doctor sits stunned for a while but eventually regains his senses. He examines the scale in earnest "This is something like calcified cartilage. Amazing, it's grown into a kind of plate mail!" He walks to the site of the tracks. "Yes, see here! I know what this creature is. Look at the way it's back claws point inward. Mr. Richards, count yourself fortunate, this creature may be a juvenile! Which might explain it's attacking the rail workers. I'd estimate it's weight as being about two tons, this creature can grow to up to eight tons if I'm not mistaken. I believe that this is a creature known before only in fossil but it has been proposed they could still exist in the Americas here." He pauses for a moment, examining the scale. "Yes, yes, this could be a Megatherium!" He pauses again "Mr. Richards, we must catch this animal!"

Re: SPF - The HypnoMechanical Theater, in Brazil

PostPosted: Thu Feb 23, 2012 2:10 pm
by J.K.Mosher
Richards nods his agreement with Pedro's assessment of the situation. "Thanks Pedro. We'll see if
we can pick up the trail at first light. Do me a favor and see if you can round up any of the villagers
to work as porters and guides. We're gonna need the help." Richards is only half listening to the Doctor,
as he adds, "and that Weatherby I brought . . . take it. It's your now Pedro."

It is about this time when Richards hears the Doctor and he chokes in surprise. "You wanna what?"

Richards steps closer to the Doctor, "Maybe your not understanding my position here Doc . . . I've been
asked, and I've agreed to eliminate the beast. Not to catch it . . . to eliminate it. Now I don't get what's
going on in your fool brain, but I do know hunting, and live capture . . . ain't what you think it is. I've
seen guys doing it, and more often then not the animal and the folks trying to catch it end up buzzard food."

Richards reaches into his satchel and pulls a nickle jacketed round for his Sharps Rifle from with in.

"Now regardless of what you want to do . . . Will these rounds penetrate? Will these rounds allow me
to take it down cleanly?" Richards sees the disappointment on the Doctor's face, and the disapproving
look of Ms. Anne, "I never said I wouldn't help to try and catch it . . . but I need to know, cause if things
go wrong . . . and they will . . . I have to be able to stop it, and stop it cold."

Re: SPF - The HypnoMechanical Theater, in Brazil

PostPosted: Thu Feb 23, 2012 3:28 pm
by Onix
The doctor thinks for a moment. "I understand, if only we had more equipment to catch it." He waves his hand in front of his face as if brushing away a thought "No, you're right, it's too dangerous. As to your question, I really don't know. A Megatherium has a very robust skeleton, you see they're made to withstand the bites of a sabertooth tiger. They're walking ironclads. All I can tell you is do not let yourself get within reach of this creature. It's arms are able to snap a palm tree in half and it's claws are truly fearsome. I can only say, if you are able to take it, it would surely be the most astounding trophy, even an African bull elephant is not so fearsome a creature."

Anne turns to Brisbane "Don't go! I'm afraid you won't come back!"

Pedro does his best but at most he can only get two of the villagers to agree to help hunt the Mapingari. They are young men and it's obvious they're reckless youth. Still, they may have the knowledge you need.

Richards has a hard time sleeping that night, the hours pass slowly as he tosses and turns on his bedroll. Finally the day dawns and Richards is ready to greet the sun as it peaks over the horizon. It's time to go and get the monster.

Re: SPF - The HypnoMechanical Theater, in Brazil

PostPosted: Thu Feb 23, 2012 4:45 pm
by J.K.Mosher
I want to post . . . but I'm going to delay until tomorrow, to give
Brisbane (ES) and Paddington (Drake) a chance to jump in on the fun . . . :)

Re: SPF - The HypnoMechanical Theater, in Brazil

PostPosted: Fri Feb 24, 2012 2:28 am
by Evil Scientist
Sorry for the delay, let me catch up!

Onix wrote:Anne turns to Brisbane "Don't go! I'm afraid you won't come back!"

This sudden outburst of emotions scares Brisbane even more than the perspective of hunting down an ancient creature of sheer terror. Brisbane steps back and says "Dear Anne, I have to go, hunting is not a mere hobby for us anymore!"

So when the morning comes, Brisbane is ready with his elephant gun - he decided to sacrifice firing speed for damage and power.

"So," he turns to Richards, "how about we try to lure the creature in a trap? We have to avod confrontation, so taking the high ground and shooting it from a safe distance would be preferable."

Re: SPF - The HypnoMechanical Theater, in Brazil

PostPosted: Fri Feb 24, 2012 11:58 am
by Onix
It seems that Richards is looking to go stalking after the creature but Brisbane is looking to try bait and wait. Individually you could try both or you could combine your efforts. What's the plan? Plan and then post your Tricks and Methods.

Re: SPF - The HypnoMechanical Theater, in Brazil

PostPosted: Fri Feb 24, 2012 3:16 pm
by J.K.Mosher
I'll post tonight. Sorry for the delay.