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Re: the Silent Void (Play Test)

PostPosted: Tue Sep 11, 2012 4:22 pm
by J.K.Mosher
I'll catch up on this thread tonight/tomorrow. Sorry for the delays.

Re: the Silent Void (Play Test)

PostPosted: Wed Sep 12, 2012 5:51 pm
by J.K.Mosher
Vance forces himself to look perfectly calm while facing Alex. With out words he points at the station
in the distance and than makes the hand sign for pushing off. Alex slowly adjusts his concentration
from panic to watching Vance's handsigns.

Seeing Alex has now shifted to concentrating on the task at hand Vance checks the tether lines
and then focusing on the station in the distance pushes off from the hatchway . . .

Alex watches as Vance stats to float into space, and quickly follows suit.
Vance floating slightly ahead of Alex notices that his tether line is quickly reaching it's limit;
again knowing that having Alex concentrate on actions; Vance makes the signal for releasing
the tether.

Alex watches Vance's hand singals and as soon as Vance's tether floats free he follows suit
releasing his thether as well.

Turn 10 Stats:
Alex: -1 PEP / -0 MAP / -1 AR (Cur: 1 PEP / 1 MAP / 37 AR)
Vance: -1 PEP / -1 MAP / -1 AR (Cur: 2 PEP / 1 MAP / 37 AR)
End of Turn Alex has covered 20 meters / Vance has covered 25 meters

Vance: Bid 1 MAP to calm Alex and show he's a leader . . .
Result: 2H +1T + 1 MAP = Success (Minor Complication - Ignored)

Vance: Bid 1 PEP on the jump from the shuttle
Result: 2H + 1T + 1 PEP = Success (Minor Complication)
- As Vance made preperations the complication is ignored. Vance Pushes off gaining 5 mpm in velocity.

Alex: Bid 1 PEP for the jump from the Shuttle
Result: 2H + 1T + 1 PEP = Success (Minor Complication)
- Vances preporations would include Alex so Complication is Ignored. Alex pushes off gaining 4 mpm in veloicity.

Re: the Silent Void (Play Test)

PostPosted: Wed Sep 12, 2012 5:57 pm
by J.K.Mosher

Onix; Alex has 1 MAP remaining as per the Rules Additions.
You regain Bid Points on Any Perfect result. You had a Perfect Result
when bidding MAP earlier in the game, so you did regain it.

Quick Report of the Propellant Pack Rule, when posting just remember to tell if
you want to speed up or slow down. :)

Propellant Packs:
- Each Pack contains enough propellant to generate 10 units of thrust.
- Each unit of Thrust can increase/reduce an individuals speed by 1 mpm (meter per minute)
Example #1: Alex is floating to a communication satelite at 5 mpm. He engages the pack for
one unit of thrust thereby increase his speed to 6 mpm.
Example #2: Vance is approaching the shuttle hatch at 7 mpm and wants to slow down.
He engages the pack for 2 units of thrust and reduces his velocity to 5 mpm.

- Thust is used like MAP/PEP, however once Spent it is gone.
- Does not a require a Check Flip to use.

Re: the Silent Void (Play Test)

PostPosted: Wed Sep 12, 2012 6:04 pm
by J.K.Mosher
Glancing from Alex to the Station Vance knows they have only just started to cover but a fraction of
total distance they need to, and cautiously he hopes that Alex can keep it together as the sound of static
slowly rises in volume over their comms. . .

Now free of the shuttle, and free floating in space Alex starts to reflect. He was sure it was Jessie's voice.
Positive to the point of paranoia that something was amiss . . .

Re: the Silent Void (Play Test)

PostPosted: Thu Feb 05, 2015 5:36 pm
by J.K.Mosher

I know this thread is most likely dead and I feel terrible that for 2 years you guys have been lost in space . . .
so I'm going to do a close out post and kinda get to a conclusion over the next couple of days.