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Cosmonaut Training

PostPosted: Fri Jul 27, 2012 4:57 pm
by Chainsaw Aardvark
Last week I received an E-mail asking for permission to translate my old one-page game "Sputnik Lost" into Spanish. (Apparently the game has somehow ended up on 1d4chan, though I'm not a resident of 4chan boards.) This, coupled with heat wave induced lack of sleep has gotten me into a mood for revising the game.

The new "Vostok Edition" rewinds the action to a few months before the Soviet Moon Landing, focusing on the training of the cosmonauts. It is packaged as a series of pocketmod mini-books, the first being the actual character sheet and rules, and the rest supplements for the director on different scenarios on and off the astronaut training campus.

I figured it might be nice to informally test some of these new ideas. Anyone want to train for a moon-shot?

Characters have four stats - Strength, perception, Agility, and Mental Acuity. One is rated as four, one at three, one at two, and the last at one. You also get one descriptor (like perceptive, determined, patriotic) which is a bonus when applicable (it changes the target number in the die pool). They also have twelve breath points that can be spent for extra dice, or forcibly removed by failure or injury. Merit Points/Black Marks are tracked by the director, but only come into play during actual missions.