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Equipment Index Version 4 - I have something to show!

PostPosted: Sun Oct 11, 2009 12:06 pm
by Rob Lang
Version 4? Last version was 7! What's this about 4?

I have decided to give the Equipment Index the same version number as the main ruleset to make it blindingly obvious that Icar version 4 and Equipment Index version 4 go together.

The new equipment index will have a lot done to it:
  • All the images will need re-rendering to 300DPI
  • Improve some of the models so that they look OK when rendered at 300DPI
  • The layout needs to take into account the removal of the triangle-circle-square system that is being removed
  • The needed remaking to 300DPI
  • Tuned the values of some of the items
  • Improve the layout of the sheets so that they are easier to use with the new rules (particularly Space Combat)

After all this talk, I actually have a WIP page from the new Equipment Index for the Nelson pistol. I've noticed some mistakes on it, which I will rectify but here's a WIP page:
Equipment Index version 4 - Nelson pistol - 2mb PDF