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Version 4 To Do List Mark 3 (to Beta)

PostPosted: Thu Feb 25, 2010 4:48 am
by Rob Lang
I've updated the list to make it cleaner and give a better idea of what is left to do. It looks much better this way. I've copied the old list into a post further down this thread so compare-and-contrast addicts can have their fun! :)

To get the Alpha out, I will need to do everything but the Equipment Index and Hi Res graphics. Completed items in grey

  • Core Rules
    • In each of the combat areas, show what the GM would be drawing on a map.
    • Outline graphics to help describe close combat
    • Fill in gaps in Psychotheatrics where I randomly ripped out the ones I didn't like.
    • Rules for creating skeletons or characters on the fly
    • More on using Automatons as a Skill Store, asking Automaton questions etc
    • Add CC license.
  • Society
    • Gaian news net
    • Star Civ Gaiamed service - medic assitance over Gaia - you get instructed by a medical AI +% to skills or allows non-medical character to stabilise another person. Downside: Nexus takes info.
    • Mention that sensors are rarely installed due to privacy demands of the Imperium
    • List of illegal activities that criminals get to do, eg loan sharking
    • Star Bus imformation
    • Medical and weapon scans
    • Colony admin
  • Scavenger Setting
    • Scav Skeleton Images [5/5]
    • A getting started player handout
    • Sorex Automaton Sheet
    • New Botchery Clipper sheet (I HATE the current one)
    • Hooks
  • GM Section
    • Chart showing speeds (MPH) versus distance travelled in a Mex city. Also for FEMTS.
    • Weapon cheat sheet with to hit modifiers and max-damage-for-a-full-mag
    • Armour vs weapons combos - if you're players are weaing X, your eneimes need to be shooting with Y - done as a 'number line' with weapons on one side and armour on the other.
    • Apply ideas from 1km1kt forums.
    • How to draw your own cluster star maps.
  • Equipment Section In Core (new)
    • Average wage in 'Cost of stuff' table - More items will go in Cost of Stuff table as I think of them.
    • List sheet for close combat weapons
    • Section on missiles
    • Section on grenades
    • Update Loki to be Aubury tech and improve renders and models (and shrink pictures - white space is important!) - mostly removed for a book later
    • Armour and Powered Armour
    • Hacking Gaia Entity list
    • Tech descriptions of the common, uncommon, very uncommon, illegal, downright weird and not possible - although could do with a review from another Icar player *cough*Byrn*cough*
    • List sheets for vehicles
    • List sheets for small handguns
    • List sheets for medium rifles
    • List sheets for silly guns
    • Migrate equipment index bits into the core rules
  • Equipment Index
    • New automaton base sheets
    • Brainspiller 7E (one from Byrn)
    • Handcanon
    • Raqax 2e
    • Photosythe
    • New Automaton Sheet - same design only in High Res
    • Havoc 1c
    • Papex
    • Korg 5
    • Astraripper IIE
    • Astraripper IIE BSV
    • Havan 11
    • Hellhound
    • Cobra
    • Re-render space craft
    • Make weapon rescale changes
  • The Very Last Things to worry about
    • Read through
    • Table of contents
    • Spellcheck
    • Index
    • Section headings
    • Tags, links, markers
    • Ensure text boxes are aligned

Re: Version 4 To Do List

PostPosted: Wed Mar 17, 2010 6:36 am
by misterecho
How about an update s'il vous plaƮt

Are you getting much done? I know I'm unbelievably busy at the mo

Re: Version 4 To Do List

PostPosted: Wed Mar 17, 2010 11:17 am
by Rob Lang
Thank you for asking!

The list above is up to date, what I am working on at the moment is the text for the GM Guide and the Scavenger setting. They go hand in hand because the Scavenger Setting acts as an example for some of the sandbox gaming concepts I introduce in the GM Section. Once I've done those, they'll need to be formatted and some images done.

My plan is to get all the text in there and then release the PDF as an Alpha for people to have a look at. While I am getting feedback on it, I'll work on the new graphics. I have to stop myself redoing a load of 3D models for the moment.

Progress has slowed at the moment as freelancing has picked up and Chom Isis (my free online web game) needs tending to like a fine garden. What I need is a week off work to have a go at all these things. I might take one off around my Birthday (mid April).

Re: Version 4 To Do List

PostPosted: Mon Apr 12, 2010 3:35 pm
by Rob Lang
Updated a few bits on the list: Added a couple of items I need to do on the Scav Setting and marked up the GM guide bits I've finished.

Re: Version 4 To Do List Mark 2 [Updated]

PostPosted: Thu May 27, 2010 2:38 am
by Rob Lang
This is the original list - I am posting it here for fun. Go back and look at the first post!

  • Amalgamating Elements (rules), Society (background), Scavenger Setting and GM section into a single book / PDF. Done
  • Add CC license.
  • Removing triangles, circles and squares. The feel of the character sheet remains the same, though. Done
  • Hacking system becomes a set of simple dice rolls and using Hacking Gaia Entities Done
  • New space combat system that involves the whole team and does not need a lot of drawing of maps Done
  • Style update - pages will have a new background Done
  • High resolution graphics instead of 72DPI graphics In progress
  • New character sheets included in the back of the book Done
  • Tighter integration between Society and the rules Doing this bit now
  • Expanded on Orbitals and tightened nomenclature with that and Orbs. Done
  • New croft image and explanation Done
  • Description of movement around a typical colony. Done
  • Expanded on each of the Psychotheatrics and broken out of a table. More information for the players now. Done
  • Expanded social detail on:
    • The Imperium's councils Done - and peers too
    • How the Star Civilisations interfer with people's lives / how they are used in play Done
    • Law and Order and the burden of proof Done
    • Expanded Sector and Cluster information Done
    • Mex Cities - addition of Nearground Done
    • Mex Cities - big section on the Mesh and Meshrunners Done
    • Updated Croft/farming and hauler information Done
    • Space Travel - more on the kinds of problems you might have and where Done
    • Gaia - Improved graphics and explanations
    • Automatons - better description of where they appear in society and considerations if one was to be a PC Done
    • A 'bestiary' of NPCs - Star Enforcers, Akarakian Missionary, Star Civilisation Facilitator, Tortrac Heds ganger, Technomage, Neargrounder
  • Vastly improved Scavenger setting with more setting detail: In notes
    • More criminal groups Done
    • Three full adventures - each one progressively introducing a little more of the system - first one is skills + Hacking, second one is close combat, third one is firefighting and space combat. Done
    • A better description of the Tacquent plot line Done
    • New Relationship Diagram Done
    • Events Done, Hooks
    • New Botchery Clipper sheet (I HATE the current one)
    • A getting started player handout
    • Simplified setting, reduced number of systems and make some hidden. Done
  • A better GM's guide with help on how to use all this stuff together
    • Understand before you play section Done
    • GM System Mechanics explanations (Close combat, fire fighting, vehicle combat, space combat) Done
    • Help with Characters (Skill use, giving out RP) Done
    • Background - Using the Droids Done, Using Syndicates, Imperial Home Truths
    • How to draw your own cluster star maps. (Might go in the main rules under space travel)
    • Running an Icar Sandbox Done
    • Weapon cheat sheet with to hit modifiers and max-damage-for-a-full-mag
    • Add drawn maps as the GM would make to the examples in
    • Incorporate ideas from forum
  • A Print On Demand book you can buy. I did a test run of 3.5 and that really pointed out the flaws
  • Outline graphics to help describe close combat
  • Coporate profiles - how they are used in game and their Black Mills Done
  • Fill in gaps in Psychotheatrics where I randomly ripped out the ones I didn't like.
  • Equipment Index
    • Armour and Powered Armour in notes
    • Make weapon rescale changes
    • Hacking Gaia Entity list Started, have a few

Re: Version 4 To Do List Mark 2 [Updated]

PostPosted: Mon May 31, 2010 11:31 am
by Rob Lang
Woo hoo! All of the new-content text bits I wanted to do before Alpha are now done. Now I'm reading it through. After that, I'm going to make the PDF and upload it somewhere. There's rather a lot to read - about 100,000 words!

Re: Version 4 To Do List Mark 2 [Updated]

PostPosted: Mon May 31, 2010 11:44 am
by misterecho
Good work old chap!

Re: Version 4 To Do List Mark 2 [Updated]

PostPosted: Mon May 31, 2010 11:51 am
by Groffa
Good work indeed!
I spent five hours this afternoon on my new post and landed on roughly 600 words, so I can only imagine how many hours you've put into Icar at this point...

Re: Version 4 To Do List Mark 2 [Updated]

PostPosted: Mon May 31, 2010 12:09 pm
by DOC_Agren
Congrads Rob.. Can't wait to see it!!!

Re: Version 4 To Do List Mark 2 [Updated]

PostPosted: Mon May 31, 2010 1:19 pm
by Rob Lang
Thanks guys!

@Groffa - I spend about 5 hours per post for the free rpg blog too. Except the one for yours. That took about 2 minutes. :p

@DOC - can't wait to get it into the hands of the people who actually use it. :)