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New todo list - On Trello

PostPosted: Tue Aug 26, 2014 5:28 am
by Rob Lang
tldr; New Todo list:

Lists are the way in which I get things done and avoid getting snowed under with a huge number of tasks. I like to break up tasks in Icar into manageable chunks so that I can get that feel of completion on a more regular basis.

The other habit I've developed into is making notes in a notebook and then moving them into a digital tool called Trello. Notes in a notebook are all very well but if they never leave then they get forgotten. Worse, when you come to write a section of text and you know that you've thought about the problem before. Your brain gets locked into remembering what the problem is.

The other thing that I've sorted out recently is taking the effort out of keeping social media up to date. I'm using If This Then That to take blog posts and share them to Facebook, Google Plus and Twitter.

Rather than keep a todo list here, I've taken the slightly frightening step and shared my personal Icar todo list:

Note: The list for my current campaign is not on there! There are no spoilers for those playing my weekly Icar game. ;-)

By being transparent what I am really doing is announcing my intent. By believing that the world is watching, I am more likely to complete tasks because I don't want to let people down. It's a rather cheeky way of turning the whole world into a writing coach. Realistically, the people who are likely to comment will be my regular player group and a few people dropping in but as long as I can convince myself that 6 billion people might drop by, that's a good motivator!