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Re: Fleet Setting Published!

PostPosted: Tue Mar 22, 2016 6:46 pm
by DOC_Agren
There are plenty of humans in the Fleet. Troopers and Stub Wing pilots must be bionic but everyone else is optional.

Okay Rob, I will admit that I mistook that there were no "human" left in the fleet just Borg soldiers/sailors. Which makes me feel better about the Fleet, and their ability to become "GODS" and go Rogue. More humans, less likely to think of themselves above humans. So a Question then what is the Standard Naval Officer Pistol?

Maybe it was how I was reading things but I would love to see more on how Scavs and Fleet can work at the same level, I had seen reference to the Expeditionary Scavs.
YES! Expeditionary is the name given to scavengers who go across the Light Jump Net into Droid space for those things that are of very high net worth. Would it help if I blogged in detail about that? I ran a long campaign and have a half-written setting about it.