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Re: More thoughts on Space Combat

PostPosted: Thu Mar 10, 2016 8:27 am
by baron
Seems a reasonable approach that fits in with the general detail level of Icar.

Regarding the shooting modifiers/roll20 thing. As a player I tend to find that I am referring to an awful lot of different things in sequence.
  • Roll20 main window
  • Roll 20 chat/die result window
  • my character sheet
  • possibly someone else's sheet to help find a skill number for them
  • Ship stats sheet
    - our ship stats
    - * scroll, scroll*
    - other ships stats
  • the rule book
  • notes I may have made about things

There is (for me) a large lack of familiarity with what adds to what and where to find it. It might be down to not having dedicated character/ship sheets, but I personally find it tricky trying to remember where I am looking or what I am taking into account. Particularly when a roll by Ops or the Pilot radically affects what I can or can't do and makes it different from last round.

I'm new to Icar space combat (if truth be told, I'm new to the system as a whole in any detail) so that has something to do with it, but not being clear where to look for things and how someone else affects me will lead to rolling the skill blindly and hoping Byrnie or Gid can work out what I am adding or taking away. :razz: