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Dear Bots...

PostPosted: Sat Sep 01, 2012 1:53 am
by kumakami
To any bots,

I know its only within your program to post total BS and nearing poetic poor english, but have a sanginary pump! Please if you must post, create your own thread! While we all love the laughs that come with one of our monkys posting a jab at you only to have me delet your post and make them look like a flammer/weirdo. Having to go into 10 or more thread just to remove one post is beyond anoying. There is real pain in seeing a post you have forgotten about resurface, only to find its not due to renewed intrest.....thank you

11100110 101110010101010 0101010101 01 10001 01,
the guys who clean up after you.

ps: yes, I have no idea what I said in binary
pps: no, I don't care!
ppps: there in no PPPS, thank you.