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Lucidity, Deadening and Byrnie

PostPosted: Wed Oct 24, 2012 3:39 pm
by Rob Lang
The way we use Lucidity and Deadening is quite simple. Lucidity is a re-roll and Deadening is two extra dice (even in combat). We don't use DR pump (Lucidity) because I forgot about it and since we've not used it.

This makes the two stats really succulent and as such, the players tend to get down to the dreaded 5 pretty quickly. It also means that they're more willing to take risks because they have that safety net of a re-roll or additional dice. They normally buy it back with AP as taking time out is not really in their style.

Sometimes, though, this is not enough. Byrnie was trying to roll for... it's slipped my mind. He need 2 successes (normal difficulty), so tried a Lucidity for a re-roll, which wasn't good enough. He tried burning a deadening for another 2 dice and still failed and then a lucidity to re-roll all five. Here he is, 2 lucidity and 1 deadening lighter:


How we laughed!

I'd consider adding the re-roll in for lucidity because most of our characters don't have much of it!

Re: Lucidity, Deadening and Byrnie

PostPosted: Wed Oct 24, 2012 9:48 pm
by Chainsaw Aardvark
And then the reanimates were forced to eat Sir Rob's players - and there was much rejoicing!

Yes, I'll go sit in the Python corner for a five min timeout now....

I'm considering a new division between stats and AP to cover a few more circumstances and add post session tension. Each stat would be linked to some form of scarcity style roll for keeping cool, fighting off toxins, holding your breath and the like. AP would be usable to buy extra derived stats. (For example you've learned to pack more efficiently or get an extra point of lucidity because you're either coping better or are too neurotic to care anymore.) The new rolls means its still more valuable to raise other character's stats with AP - but the possibility of self-improvement also encourages hoarding against that. This isn't a sure thing, but it would be one way to incorporate those deadening draining fear rolls you suggested a while ago.

A fair way to alter that five unit limit probably should be considered at some point, but I haven't really come up with anything. Wait, wait, inspiration... five steps does serendipitously work out to d12,10,8,6,4 to roll for complications... Though I not sure if I really want to unify everything on scarcity rolls. It was just supposed to be an easy way to track ammo and induce some uncertainty to that.

Any other interesting developments on your end? Might I feature your player's character on a Oct 31st blog post?