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PostPosted: Tue Jun 26, 2012 2:17 pm
by Jaap de Goede
There! I've just abandoned my 24 hour version of SSN-589 USS SCORPION DOWN,
my entry for Little Spaces. 8-)

To turn the usual design process upside down, I decided to go for playability rather than excellent layout,
AND go for an entirely new GM-less system. This led me to think that I would have to abandon the whole thing more than once, because it's pretty darn hard to make something new work AND make it fun to play too.

But to my surprise, I think I did succeed, and I think it's also complete. Except for the beautiful layout, the playing board (a simple version is included, don't worry), and real proofreads and group play-tests. (Haha, as if the latter two are generally possible within the time limit - however, you can cheat on that by taking a time-tested game system as the game core).

So, I hope you have a look, a read, and hopefully even a play-test. You might actually like it. It's pretty fast too.

Cheers, Jaap de Goede

The Blurb:

It is late in May 1968, in the middle of the Cold War and the Vietnam conflict. Far out in the Atlantic, Nuclear Attack Sub Scorpion breaks all radio contact. Then, for reasons unknown, the vessel sinks to critical depth. Its hull cracks. 99 men and women are lost. What happened?

You are captain, crew and VIP guests on board, starting twenty-four hours earlier. Will you learn what went wrong? Can you change history, and save their lives?

SSN-589 DOWN is a role playing game written for the 24-hour RPG competition of May-June 2012. It's fast paced, cooperative and competitive at the same time, and best with three players or more. All you'll further need is these rules, a deck of playing cards, a different pawn for each player, and a coin.

And now let's see where to upload it...


PostPosted: Tue Jun 26, 2012 3:16 pm
by Onix
Sounds interesting. Can't wait for the download!