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Re: Scraping a living...

PostPosted: Sat Feb 16, 2013 2:09 pm
by Onix
Mym's cynical mind disassembled her reply.

"I suppose I'll just be relying more on strong, intelligent men." In other words she's going to push us out the airlock first.

"Do you have any other concerns apart from our Captain?" Which is her real fear since he hadn't brought it up but she was trying to make it look like he had. Was she trying to get him to talk against the Captain, throw him under the maglev and take the credit?

"Not at all, I think the captain may have hit a patch of bad luck, maybe she was put in a no win situation. Can't judge a lady for having the universe put upon her. She's confident enough that she can handle things even with a completely green crew, she must have a good handle on things. Otherwise why risk the fuel and her biggest asset, this ship?" Mym answered.

Mym thought for a split second, he really had put himself in a bad spot.

"No, I'm sure this'll all work out fine. Sure we won't be very good at this but I think that with some brains, we might even pull a profit. I mean it's gotta be hard work and we'll all have an equal share of it but I hear that can be pretty good for a person." Mym smiled in his cold mechanical manner and went back to tracing out Warwicks task history and efficiency calculations.

Re: Scraping a living...

PostPosted: Sat Feb 16, 2013 6:14 pm
by misterecho
[I've been super busy since returning from our Bro-mantic holiday. I will catch up and post ASAP -Love GM]

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PostPosted: Thu Apr 25, 2013 12:28 am
by J.K.Mosher
Seeing the time Kyle tears himself away from the command deck and all his plans for "Chery" to head down to weapons training. Despite what he said to Marlena deep down he would rather be spending his time giving this old girl the TLC she needs . . . but he also knew . . . even deeper that SMEG happens, and it's better to have a peice and not need it than be needing a burner and not having it.

Re: Scraping a living...

PostPosted: Fri Feb 06, 2015 5:09 pm
by J.K.Mosher

I felt a need to do this even though more than likely that this thread is not going to become active again anytime soon.
I guess in reality this is just more of an impromptu exercise in stream writing using characters I created for other games.

A feeling of peace began to flow over Kyle as he sat waiting for his fellow crew mates and the instructor to arrive. It had be a long time since he had felt even remotely safe, let alone the chance of being accepted; so much so that as the minutes dragged on he made himself comfortable and slowly drifted off to sleep.


"Where? What?" Kyle looked around. He KNEW this place, but it couldn't be . . . could it?

A scream echoed through the highly polished steel corridor. That voice, he knew it, but no that couldn't be. Again the heart wrenching scream reverberated through the corridor. Pain and fear clouded the air. Spinning around he attempted to pin point the direction the voice was calling from . . . it was then he knew, he could see where he had to go.

Racing off him charged through the empty metallic tunnels. ripping around corners heedless of any obstacles that may appear before him.

"No, no no, no, no" he muttered to himself as if the words he spoke aloud would help propel him even faster towards his destination.

He tripped and fell backwards coming around one final corner. Slamming his arse into the unforgiving decking as his feet continued forward. His breath was ragged and came harshly from exertion, fear, and panic.

"No, no no no no no no no no" he kept saying as his wide eyes stared at the scene forever burned into his mind. It couldn't be, no not again. it couldn't but his thoughts would not shake the vision of violence before him.

It was her. She was bruised, broken, beaten and bleeding; cast upon the decking like a unwanted doll she lay in unnatural ways. His breathing slowed and his eyes narrowed upon the sight of it. He would have called him a man, he would have called him an officer yet the thing before him bore no resemblance in the slightest to either. It was a beast, a feral thing of twisted thoughts and motivations. It walked like a man, dressed like an officer, but Kyle knew it was neither.

Kyle's panic drained away as fire began to burn in his blood. Standing he continued to face the beast-like man before him. The fire engulfed his thoughts, raging though his body.

"NO!!!" he roared while rushing forward driving his full bulk into the thing before him.

It screamed back at him but Kyle heard nothing but animal-istic sounds issuing from it's twisted lips. His legs strained against the decking as his drove himself forward lifting it from the floor pushing it over and backwards. The vision began to fade as the pair slammed into the metal floor. A grunt of shocked pain spurred Kyle on. It could feel pain, it could feel pain. This thought echoed through his rage twisted mind as he began to rain blow after blow upon the beast's head.

Pain lanced through his own hands, but Kyle was unrelenting. Again and again he drew back his fists in turn, and than drove them down into the creature's upturned face. The fires inside slowly died, only to be replaced with a mind numbing coldness. Slowly the snarls, and growls of the thing below him became soft whimpers, almost as if it was pleading for mercy. Kyle stood the pain of his broken hands nay registering in his vengeance frozen mind. Forcing his fingers to move he reached down and gripping the gore splattered collar of this once fearsome man he dragged the pitifully moaning form to the side.

The airlock hatch slid open with a hiss as Kyle without a second of thought or pause pulled the once a man's form into the small cubic space. The pain of forcing his fingers to release their hold lanced through his body for only a fraction of a moment; before he turned and walked out of the small room.

His eyes did not even see; as blankly he stared forward while manipulation the airlock control panel. The inner door slid shut and after a short delay the outer hatch split and opened fully. There was no sound as the beaten form was there one moment and gone the next.

Turning Kyle approached her, and as the numbing of rage and vengeance subsided pain invaded his mind and body. Yet still he knelt beside her sobbing form. His hands would not work and twitched uselessly against the metal decking. His vision blurred and slowly he could see nothing as sorrow and regret over came him.

It was amazing how silent it was. There were no alarms, not even the sound of others approaching, there was nothing to interfere or confuse the words he would; could never forget.

"Why?" It was a small, frail, pained and terror filled voice.

He had no answer. No reason, no way to comfort that small voice, again and again it asked, and each time he could not answer.


"NO!!!!!!" Kyle screamed as he awoke. Perspiration soaked his body and tears flooded his eyes. He lashed out blindly at the images in his mind as he stumbled from the training area into the more shadowed areas of the ship.

Finally surrounded in darkness, he felt alone, and stood still trying to pull himself together. It was then as he opened his eyes he could see her. Pleading eyes gazing out from behind a mass of blood matted hair. A bruised, beaten and broken form before him speaking but a single frail pain filled word.


He tried to reach for her, his mouth was dry as he stammered, gasped and sobbed out "I'm Sorry." It was then the blackness took him.