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[PC] Marlena

PostPosted: Mon Jan 14, 2013 7:26 am
by Rob Lang

"Daaarrrrling! Such a fabulous party! ... ... Well of course, Darling, of course! It would be simply beastly not to! ... ... Yah! We must and I will, Roger, dear dear Roger, you are just such a darling little man... ..."

Two hours later Roger Ballentine gawked as he rushed red faced and backwards out of the airlock. Alarms went off. Orbital staff were alerted but it was all too late. Boiled in his own skin and fast frozen in the void.

Marlena is a femme fatale who feeds of the egos of the rich. She is a consummate socialite and networker. She fixes problems for people, and when the problem are people, she can fix those too. Glamour transforms her plain features into beguiling power over everyone, especially idiots.

After Roger, Marlena hurriedly bought passage to Ittan in hope to find a quaint outback social scene to fund another hop. Ittan has found wanting.

(34 points on the dice)

8 Battle
4 Shift
5 Meat
8 Soul
9 Wit

Deviant Wheel
(Picking only those that at 5 to demonstrate the character)
5 Dishonest
5 Jovial
5 Worldly

(Not including Mechasys because she would never get her hands dirty)

26 Law
27 History
26 Biology
27 Physical
27 Chemical
22 Pilot Grav
17 Zero-G Operations
57 Gaia Know
33 Research
52 Street Deal
48 Street Trading
51 Streeet Wise
28 Street Scam
27 Empathy
30 Persuade

Gaiacard with Isis. 2 changes of clothing. Moss EV suit. Personal effects.