1KM1KT, or one thousand monkeys at one thousand typewriters, was founded in early 21 as an independent web-based publishing group. The initial goal was to establish a web based community where authors and fans could come together to share their passion for role-playing games and to serve as a showcase for their individual projects.

After an overwhelming response, 1KM1KT was redesigned in February of 24 to include the genres of science fiction and fantasy writing as well as artwork and other forms of general fiction. The goal of 1KM1KT today is to promote independent writers seeking public exposure and introduce them to devoted fans and publishers around the world.

1KM1KT features an open submission policy, a discussion forum for topics of the day, and an online art gallery. They provide free promotion to contributing authors in the form of online publishing; and serve as a resource for brick and mortar publishing companies, online newsletters, magazines, and commercial websites seeking content for their publications.

1KM1KT hopes that this site will further the ambitions of writers and artists today and continue to foster goodwill and encourage growth within the community.