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Overlord’s Legacy is a massively epic medieval based role playing game. Build farms and mine resources to battle other players in the kingdom of Mardelan. Strive to become the Overlord! Play online free now!
The Lakeland Role-Playing Guild

Gaming is an art form. It is creative, complex, and inspiring. It allows us to experience our imaginations. It's a great way to meet people and make friends. Whether you enjoy the settings, the characters, the rules, the story arcs or all of the above, gaming has a lot to offer you. Welcome to LRPG.ORG, you have found Lakeland's gaming community.
Abstract Nova Entertainment

Abstract Nova Entertainment is a new publisher committed to producing imaginative role-playing games and supplements. The company’s first release, Heaven & Earth Third Edition, will be unveiled in September 24. Heaven & Earth, a roleplaying game of surrealism, horror, and absurdity, will be supported with several print supplements as well as free online material. Please visit for more details.

Chris’s Compendium of Free Role Playing Games dates back to 1993, nearly to the beginning of the web. Its design has hardly changed since those days, but it still serves up a smorgasbord of freely downloadable paper-and-pencil roleplaying games. The Compendium is a free service provided for gamers by gamers, and continues to grow.”
GameOgre: The Online Game Mega Site

The focus of this site is to cover various aspects of Internet Gaming and help gamers locate great multiplayer games, and MMORPGs. For those gamers on a tight budget, Game Ogre will provide info on multiplayer demos, free MMORPGs, and game trials.
TableTop Adventures

Tabletop Adventures is a start-up company with four personnel who together have 95 years of experience in roleplaying games. Our total experience also includes business, computers, writing and editing. We plan to make the products we've always wished were available, initially focusing on aids and resources for game masters.
Fantasy Makers Industries

Makers of the d1 Talarius Gaming System
Lunarpages Web Hosting

Lunarpages is dedicated to taking your web hosting needs to the next level. Because their focus is foremost on providing you with high quality service and accountability, you can depend on them to always be there for you.
Role Playing Games Network

This is a free club devoted to playing Role Playing Games online. Members can play online using free message boards.
VooDoo Games

VooDoo Games is brought to you from deep down south. VooDoo Games is based out of Louisiana. We are a recent addition to a very limited market down here. VooDoo Games goal is to bring home the enjoyment of a decent game without the worrying of spending tons of cash on pointless supplements and new rules.

The free online MMORPG game source
Stickman Murder Mystery Games

Become a detective in one of five interactive cartoon RPG murder mystery games. These free online role playing games are browser-based, so there’s nothing to download to play – just point’n’click!
RPG Games

Listing of browser-based rpg games that do not require downloading to play.
Burning Void

Burning Void provides resources of all kinds to writers and roleplayers: hundreds of articles, reviews, links, an email zine, and more. They’ve been an inspiration to the designers at 1KM1KT. please check out their site, and don’t forget to vote for us!
The Great War – Roleplaying Game

The Great War role playing game is set in a magical world, named Elon, where magic is at the brink of extinction. Steal, steam power and gunpowder are taking over. The technology is comparable with that of the first world war. The same weapons, vehicles and bloody mess. Except there’s still some magic in the air.

The original home of free online storygaming.
City of IF

Welcome to the City of IF, the home of storygames: free online rpgs with story-based multiplayer roleplaying. Here the art of interactive stories meets the fun of playing rpg online games, all for free!
Tales of Adventure

Welcome to the ToAd, an online old-fashioned hi-tech universal pencil/paper/dice role playing game (whew! hold on, let me catch my breath). Which is also known as a Model Reality Kit, or MRK for short. What is the difference between an RPG and an MRK? The answer is: Not Much. The ToAd still plays like those boxed adventure games you use to play as a kid. A bunch of friends gather together with sheets of statistics called 'characters' which they lead through imaginary adventures where lives hang on the will of some of the funkiest looking dice to ever rattle across a table.

An Italian blog that likes our stuff. Wish I could read it!
FireWater Productions

Hot Stuff…Cool Games.