Free Advertising

If you are a roleplaying publisher, fansite or tabletop gaming site you can get free banner advertising on 1KM1KT

The criteria

468×60 Only. Ads must be 468×60 .jpgs.

Post Our Link. In exchange for free banner advertising on 1KM1KT, you must post a small graphic in a prominent place, with the appropriate links. Please don’t bury us on a page that will never get seen.

Email Us. You can send the ad via email, along with the page to link to, and the page that already has our link on it.

Here’s the graphic with the page to link to. Please make copies of the button graphics on your site rather than linking to them.


Other stuff

  • We reserve the right to reject any ad for no good reason.
  • We’ll try to have submitted ads online within a week, a few days if we’re ahead of the game.
  • If we get too many ads, we’ll make a waiting list and get your ad up in the next rotation.
  • We’ll generally run no more than 1-2 free ads at a time and we’ll rotate them in and out as they come.
  • If we take down your ad, you may submit it again with a new banner. We’ll put new submissions at the back of the line to give everyone a fair shake.