The best way to submit your article, RPG, or story is via our online submission form. Be sure to include your full name (for author credit), the title of your work and a 250-500 word description of your submission (the description is important because it’s the summary that shows up on all of our category pages).

Running a contest?

If you’re running a contest and want 1KM1KT to host the submissions, please let us know. We’re currently hosting submissions for the 24 Hour RPG project and for the Game Chef project, but we’re happy to host other competitions as well.

When will my work be posted?

We post work as soon as we get it. We’re just people, but we love this site and generally get submissions up in just a day or so.

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Why submit to 1KM1KT?

1KM1KT is an open, online community devoted to sharing ideas related to role-playing, science fiction, and fantasy. Those who offer work for submission may receive valuable criticism from their peers, exchange suggestions, and benefit from the experience of our entire community.

In addition, the 1KM1KT publishing group may be used as a reference for online publishing. Those posting work are welcome to link to or from other websites, display their creations, or attach their contact information in order to promote their own sales and public exposure.

Please refer to the Guidelines section of this website for details about what to submit.