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Friday, November 1st, 2013

This is my first game for the 24 hour contest 2013.

What if you had the power to see a glimpse of the future? In this game you play people who can. You need two different kind of tokens and a deck of tarot cards.

Witch Hunt

Friday, November 1st, 2013

Submission for the 2013 “Harder than Granite” 24-hour competition.


After years of losing children to the witch in the woods, your village has had enough.

Find some friends and brave the dark woods in search of revenge on a good, old-fashioned Witch Hunt.

Wings Keeton and The Airship of Doom

Sunday, June 10th, 2012

Tally Ho! It’s 1924 and Wings Keeton is the pilot of your BE2. Searchlights sweep the sky with their shafts of light illuminating the Mystery Airships which lie ahead. As a giant Airship looms out of the dark clouds you can see from the observer’s cockpit that this will be no ordinary interception. Giant guns protrude from its sides, and lightning leaps from the bores, straddling your aircraft. Wings deftly maneuvers the BE2, and sweeps up and over the top of the Airship but not before a third bolt of lightning tears through the fabric wing. The BE2 tumbles in a flat spin onto the top of the Airship and crumples onto the cold metal of a steel deck for this is no ordinary Airship.

There is no time to wait, you and Wings quickly extricate yourselves from the wreckage of your BE2. As the Mystery Airship suddenly turns, the deck tilts and the BE2 slides away threatening to carry you both over the side and into oblivion. Scrambling out of the way, you and Wings cling to the rungs of a nearby ladder as the BE2 slips off and falls away into the darkness. All you can hear now is the wind and the roar of the Airship’s engines. There is nothing left to do but climb the ladder, which leads, where? A circular hatch lies before you, Wings turns the latch and opens the hatch, you both climb in and shut it behind you…

This is the Wings Keeton Role Playing Game of High Adventure in the Roaring 20s’ As a Hero or Sidekick you defeat dastardly villains, rescue damsels, and nothing is too fantastic! This game uses nothing but paper and pencil, and ordinary six sided dice.


Saturday, June 2nd, 2012

SMAF 17 is my entry for the 2012 24 Hour RPG competition.

SMAF 17 is a game set in 1967 after the Cuban Missile crisis genuinely led to world-wide destruction. Living on a sea-base once designed for luxury living and then converted into a prison are the last survivors of the human race, a mix of criminals and those who once kept them. Desperate to survive, with supplies running ever-lower and the facility beginning to collapse,

will you sink or swim?

Fate Game

Saturday, June 2nd, 2012

Name: Fate Game

Author: Eduardo Lozano Munera

Genre: Narrative-freedom RPG with Game Director

Description: The game is set in a floating island and there the inhabitants have their own struggles with life. Beyond them, the players acts as Gods which decides the lives of these people constrained in the little space that is their island.

Star Travels

Wednesday, May 30th, 2012

Entered for the 2012 Tiny Spaces contest. Come along for a ride with 400 overly emotional aliens and their jalopy of a starship. You’ll learn first hand why all the hyperintelligent aliens hide on their home worlds and never come out and play.

Viento Libre

Wednesday, May 30th, 2012

Viento Libre – Fantasy Steampunk

VientoLibre is the most modern aircraft from Wandering Realms, the sum of the combined efforts of the more advanced (and explosive) Goblin technology, the delicate and precise inventive Nisse, elemental magic of Fay and the powerful Soul Sorcery of humans.

The four kingdoms have made sail to the VientoLibre to find out why the Wandering Realms have lost their way across the Ocean of the Four Winds, being isolated from the Lower Continents after the dense curtain of mist floating around the floating archipelago.

The flying ship sailed with a combined crew of four races, that despite their differences and difficulties have been an uneasy truce in search of the truth of the outside world. But each faction has its own agenda on the ship, and now that they are isolated in the mist …

Will they be able to work together to find the solution to the mystery, or fight each other for control?


Monday, May 14th, 2012

Created for the 2012 24 Hour RPG Contest – Little Spaces,

GOBLIN CAVE is goblin gathering GMless game for 3 or more players. Impress your warlord with your huge Warband, and convince him that you are the goblin leader of the future!

In GOBLIN CAVE, you take on the role of a young goblin, attempting to win over the hearts and minds of your fellow cave dwellers. Everything you need to create your character is in your dice bag, as your dice contains everything you need to know about your goblin. You will need a variety of dice to play this game, but will only be rolling one.

The Usual Suspects

Saturday, April 26th, 2008

One player plays as playboy billionaire James Bloodfang, whom has journeyed to his fathers castle with his four friends in order to discover who killed him. In this tale of suspense and thrills five players will be trapped in the same castle. three are innocent, and Jason must find out the fourth.

The Usual Suspects
A scary ass game by Robbie Cousineau
Its midnight. Theodore lay on your bed as you hear creaks and groans throughout the mansion. He hears a knock on his door. Theodore stands up and answers the door. He gasps as a a loud shot is heard and blood splatters across his bed.

That Morning. The police investigated your fathers mansion fully and found no murder weapon. Only a pure silver bullet casing. Your fathers will read as following: In order for you to inherit the family fortune and position, you and four friends must stay the night in your fathers mansion.
Determined to get your payday and office. You collect your friends and walk up the creaky steps of Bloodfang mansion…


You play as James Bloodfang. Your father was brutally murdered last night, devils night. Your lawyer has said that in order to inherit a dime, your father decided you had to stay a night in the mansion. You have been told that your allowed to bring four friends. Explore the mansion and avoid whatever ended up killing your father. One player is the killer, whose goal is to murder everybody by setting and activating the many traps placed around the mansion.

Ghosts haunt, Plants talk, Skeletons….break dance? Prepare to be scared so bad you won’t even be able to say a good thing about it!

(This game requires 5 people and a GM)

Mech A RPG Contest

Saturday, April 21st, 2007

Hey everyone!

AndyK of 24hourrpg turned me on to this really cool contest that got started over in the forums. Basically, JohnDeHope3 had $3 worth of Mech-themed RPG art lying around and decided to see what kind of games people would come up with if he opened it up for public use! Personally, we think it’s a fanastic idea and want to promote the hell out of the contest. That said, we’re contributing fifty dollars to the cash prize and will be providing a central location to host the files. If you have an RPG you’re writing for the contest, send it to and we’ll get it posted right away.

Good luck to everyone!

Read the contest thread and rules at
Download the artwork (31.8 Mb .zip file)