Game Chef

Design a tabletop roleplaying game, complete or as close to complete as possible, within just over one week. Make good use of the “Ingredients” provided, which will usually be a few concept words, a sentence, a genre, a theme, or a combination of all of the above (these will be provided on the first day of the contest, listed above). Work alone. At the same time, people will be posting about their game ideas on the Game Chef forums. Feel free to use those forums to post and refine your own ideas, while at the same time looking at other peoples’ ideas and providing feedback for them. Peer review and critique is a big part of the fun and challenge of this


The results will be completely read, reviewed and judged within six weeks of the close of the contest. The games will be judged solely on the text (not by layout, pictures, etc). The winner and runners-up receive a big round of kudos from their peers. This contest is fun, it’s challenging, and it’s filled with opportunities to give and receive warm feedback about your ideas, polishing them up as the week progresses.

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