Contagion: War Stories

The world of Contagion is frightening, yet familiar. To many people, the world is no different than our own. The laws are the same, the societies are the same, and the same tragedies and triumphs affect most people. Of course, most people are clueless about the true nature of the world around them. Since the beginning of time a War has raged in the shadows. The forces of Heaven and Hell fight over the souls of man. Good and evil lash out at one another beneath a thin cover of secrecy and misdirection: a cover that grows thinner as mankind advances technologically and the world becomes smaller. Men and women from all walks of life are dragged unwittingly into this conflict.

These are their stories.

Contagion: War Stories is a short fiction anthology from Aegis Studios. This anthology contains thirteen stories of horror and strife, written by some of today s newest up and coming authors. Based on the Contagion roleplaying game, this anthology contains tales of the soldiers, bystanders, and victims of the War between Heaven and Hell.

Contagion: War Stories features masterfully executed tales by Anthony Andorra, Chris Delloiacono, C.T Gerow, MaGnUs, Kenneth Mack, Royal McGraw, Vernon Bo McGuffee II, Luke Pierce, Christopher J Pisano & Brian Koscienski, Cathleen Stark, ssg, and Contagion developer Travis Legge.

Contagion: War Stories features interior art by Alex Rodriguez, Vernon Bo McGuffee II, and Travis Legge.

Coming November 3th, 2005. 2 pages. Cover Price: $1.99 plus shipping and handling

To commemorate this earth-shattering news, we have posted a free sample chapter from War Stories on our yahoo group: All you need to do is join up, and you can download this FULL chapter for free!

Tell your friends, Contagion: War Stories is coming soon!


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