And the Winner is:

StickPirate by Rob Lang!

When you see the entries, we think you will agree that it is the most interesting and appealing submission. Rob has been associated with 1km1kt almost from the beginning and has been a very active member of the forums. His handy work in presenting StickPirate really shows and part of the reason his submission stands out so much is the time and effort he obviously put into, not only the setting, but also the presentation of StickPirate.

Now, there is the obligatory congratulation to everyone that entered. More than obligatory though, we want to honestly thank all who entered for taking the time and effort to put a StickGuy setting together. This is the first undertaking like this that we have done, and we consider it a success specifically because of the quality of the entries. So, to everyone who entered but did not win- thanks. We owe you all a beer (maybe at GenCon next year, perhaps?).

If anyone is wondering, even though the contest is done, 1km1kt is always (ALWAYS) going to accept more StickGuy settings. We know a number of you got through a portion of the setting but were not able to complete it in time for the deadline and there are those who have talked about a setting or two but haven’t put it to paper yet. There will always be room for more StickGuy settings and we encourage you, if at all interested, to send them on in to us.

Expect more competitions like this in the future. This was a good deal of fun for us at 1km1kt and we would like to make it a bit of a tradition to hold contests to help promote more creativity.

and to Rob, we give you a hearty Arrr. The check is in the mail.


Keeton Harrington and Chris Gunning

The Entries

Thanks again to everyone who entered!

SuperStick submitted by Frank Sronce.
StickColumbia submitted by Henry Linder (chimerical_brio).
Out in the Sticks submitted by Matt Steflik.
Stickpirate submitted by Rob Lang (Rob Lang).
Deceased Divinity submitted by Alka Seltzer.


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