A Chronicle of Nemlar

O.B.Howard is an aspiring author of Fantasy who’s determined to put his foot in the door. He has created a new world of Fantasy that initially breaks tradition, but holds true to the magic of the Fantasy genre. Below is an excerpt from a short story written about the history of events that led to this new world. Please visit his website at: www.beetlebooksllc.com.


From the beginning of civilization we have been called by the Great Brother. One by one, from all walks of life, he has called us to his keep of endless knowledge. He has taught us the reason for our visions and gave us purpose. Our sight allows us to see past, present and many futures and our purpose given were the record keepers of Gennisia. Though our vision is clear and vivid and our sight can stretch through the many hands of time, our strength cannot compare to our Great Brother s. He had the ability to see many worlds through different spans of time and many different forms. He has seen this world in it s many past forms and was the only one who knew the reasons behind this current form called Gennisia. Our Great Brother Nemlar is not with us any more, he has passed beyond our sight in worlds higher than this one. He has left us many records to safeguard, but we will reveal the events inscribed in his own words that led to our current world, a brief history of this world up into this current year of 1, A.C (after the cataclysm), the year our Great Brother has left us. The following passages are taken from his personal writings preferably named the Chronicles of Nemlar. We have seen that this chronicle was written just days before his death, for what reason, only the Great Brother knows.

Gennisia is part of an ever changing world, an existence of countless reborning. With my gifted vision I have delved into the past and future and have seen many forms of this world. I have seen this world ruled by animals and man was non-existent. I have seen this world covered in one giant ocean. I have seen this world where Man was dependent on machines and ironically I have seen Man enslaved by machines. Every existence different, yet one thing always held true. There is always some natural catastrophe, some severe climactic change within the earth that happens every so many countless years apart, like a cycle, that changes the existence of this world. But the last cataclysmic change was wholly unnatural. This event has thrown off the cycle and altered the spirit of this world, bringing about changes that makes Gennisia a unique story to tell.
I do not know the exact year, maybe around the years of 62 B.C to 68 B.C. It was a time when Man had no rival, the world was his kingdom and every other species was beneath him. He believed himself the prime glory of creation and blessed with the will to dominate all life for the rest of his existence. He awed at his own accomplishments, swelling with pride at every feat.

But the repercussion of his arrogance was his own worst nightmare.

The terror came from the sky.

Without warning, out of the heavens had come chariots of gleaming silver. They moved like many arrows shot through the sky in all directions. These chariots spat lines of fire to the earth turning whole structures to dust. Man fought back, but his efforts were feeble and useless. In a matter of months the invaders had destroyed all what Man had accomplished. Only few survivors had escaped, fleeing to the dark corners of the world, the rest had been enslaved. Man believed them to be gods, but my vision tells me better. Man had been usurped.

These raiders from the heavens were a hideous lot; they were tall with huge heads, opaque skin that wrapped around appendages protruding from their faces, huge eyes and gaping mouths. A peculiar thing about them was that they constantly wore a silvery armor, which fitted their bodies perfectly, at all times. They built kingdoms of metal, using machines that seemed to be powered from something within the earth, something invisible I m quite sure, that existed in certain parts of the world, mainly extreme north or extreme south. The invaders also used machines to mine the mountains and the seas. As for Man, he seemed to be the invaders favorite pastime. They had built metal dungeons filled with their machines that tampered with Man s lifeblood. The horror that resulted in this unnatural tampering would exists for many years. The invaders had crossed Man with many beasts; land walking animals, sea creature and even the blood of many creatures that were not of this world. These monstrosities were an insult to the natural world.

These atrocities were used as servants, mine workers and even for food, but the most favorite were used for amusement. The invaders built an arena for the pure satisfaction of watching their strongest and most vile monstrosities fight to the death.

The invaders had made a haven for themselves in this new world. Fate had favored them.
But Fate s work was not complete.

I do not recall how it had started but the invaders broke out in civil war and years of destruction followed. Their metal kingdoms fell one by one, reduced to rubble. This war had another effect that was more detrimental to the world. The constant use of their machines and weapons had put a strain on this power source that inhibited the earth. I strongly believe it was the worlds spirit being drained of it s life-force. Whatever the case had been the consequences of it s use was the cataclysm. It began when all clouds disappeared, being replaced by dark lines that crossed one another. Then wicked storms that shot thunder to the ground, burning everything it touched. Then came the shifting of the lands, colliding with each other and some sinking deep into the ground carrying many cities with them. The sky changed again, omitting displays of every color imaginable from light to dark. Mountains spat fire and burned entire forests to nothing but ash. And the oceans began to twist and swirl, drowning entire landmasses and cities.

The remaining invaders had ceased their warring. Then as one they mounted their silver chariots and returned to the heavens from which they came, leaving behind their works of monstrosities to perish in the inevitable destruction.

But they were wrong. Fate had spawned another reborning.


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