44: A Game of Automatic Fear

44 is a suspense and horror role-playing game set in the 1950s. A robot conspiracy is replacing humanity. You know they are here. And, you’re next. 44 is designed for single sessions with very little preparation required. It’s a great game for busy players looking for a one-shot session.


2 Responses to “44: A Game of Automatic Fear”

  1. Sheikh Jahbooty Says:

    Holy smoke!

    What a slick game. Hmm, constructive criticism… I wish there were more than two options for endgame, you know, other than survival or replacement.

    If I can find people to run this with I think I might do something like that, like if a character’s qualities exceed the control rating, he manages to stay one step ahead of the robots. If he exceeds the control rating by a lot, then history books mention the character as one of the main people working against Section 44. If he exceeds by a huge amount, that player get’s to make up a little story about the future. Are there robots in it? Do they live peacefully with people? Do they live on other planets in space? Maybe the humans copied their minds onto robot bodies and turned the tables on the robots, infiltrating them. If the character’s qualities are equal to or just under the control rating then he isn’t replaced but lives the rest of his life as a hermit, afraid of meeting people in case they are robot replacements. If the character looses to control bigger than that, the robots come to get him.

    But that’s just me. Maybe two is enough endgame results. Maybe I’m spoiled by the multiple endgame results from Misspent Youth (that Robert Bohl game), and Dream Merchants (available elsewhere on this site).

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