A Fistful of Darkness

A Fistful of Darkness is my first submission to the 2011 Movie Mash-up RPG design contest.I’ve always liked westerns, and the Man With No Name trilogy is my favorite. Originally I planned to use The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly, but the warring factions from Fistful of Dollars turned out to fit better, so I made a switch.I’m also a huge fan of Dark City, so trying to put the two of them together into something fun and interesting was the first idea I had. Many thanks to the organizers for giving me a reason to watch both of them again.The system itself was inspired by the one Fred Hicks used in Don’t Rest Your Head. I loved that idea of rolling multiple dice pools at once and determining the action’s results from the results. Hopefully my version of that idea turns out to be even half as fun.Most of the game ideas that I have worked on have been for open sandbox-y settings, with long-term play in mind. This is a bit different, probably working best over a few sessions, then ending. If it works as intended, that is.
Let me know what you think of it.


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  1. CrayonSamurai Says:

    Very nice job with the layout.