They are the last survivors of their race, adrift in the cosmos and trying to find a new home. During their search, some of them will die. How will the other deal with the pain of their loss. Submitted for the October 25 Ronnies using the themes pain and cosmos.

Their world is gone now, destroyed by their lone, unstable sun going supernova. They are the survivors, inhabitants of a massive colony ship carrying one million people, frozen and asleep, searching for a home. When the ship reaches a suitable star system, it awakens a small number of people to serve as crew and explore the planets in hope that one of them will prove a suitable home for the last remnants of their race.

The universe is not a hospitable place. There is vast space between the individual pockets of life, the hope of the silent millions aboard the ship.

It is a false hope. The universe does not want these survivors, and everywhere they go, there will be threats that would annihilate their. The crew visits the planets, each time hoping against hope that the next planet will be the one they can live on, their new homeworld. The rest of the time, they are adrift in the cosmos.


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