AdventureLand is a small, 4 pages RPG I wrote in a hurry (about 6 hours) for advanced role-players. It was originally titled “Cliches & Unicorns” but I found that, hmh, too cliched.

AL harks back to the simpler days of yore and as such it is limited in scope, easy to understand, flawed in many ways, probably incomplete, and, hopefully, fun. The moniker “for advanced role-players” is just a flimsy excuse to not explain basic role-playing concepts.

AdventureLand has a sweet, if minimalistic setting and a funny cosmology. There is probably more in it but I did not take the time to develop the concepts further. Maybe I will later. Just note that AdventureLand’s Universe is not cruel, just terribly overworked.

I hope you like it.


6 Responses to “AdventureLand”

  1. ravensron Says:

    Fun & funny. Would be interesting to see this expanded to “how the dice work for stuff you do that isn’t combat.”

  2. Danielman Says:

    i like it, let me see if i can find some players.

  3. firehart Says:

    this is a very good game im totaly addicted

  4. Gabriele Says:

    When a player buy a new level, how many new attributes points gain to improve his/her character?
    (a really good game for new RPG players, anyway)

  5. Björn Janßen Says:

    This dropped completely from my mind. Thank you all for your kind words!

    @Gabriele: Yes, that could have been clearer, sorry. The rule as written applies to a single attribute, e. g. to raise Fighter 6 to Fighter 7 you would need to pay 700 gp. Obviously this is extremely expensive (what was I thinking?), so I’d suggest to increase the treasure of monster to 10*CR, i. e. a kobold with CR 1 carries 10 gp of treasure.


  6. Björn Janßen Says:

    @ravensron: Doing non-combat stuff. That’s pretty free-form, like stated in the rules. Just declare your action, task or the goal you want to achieve. The CM will come up with an attribute appropriate to the task, e. g. “I’m breaking into that room by kicking the door in.” So the CM judges you roll Fighter. If you want to lockpick the door, the CM would probably judge to roll Thief. Just consider what kind of task is most likely covered by what attribute. If you can’t decide, let the player decide — he probably had something in mind when he told you his intention. Be benevolent, life as an adventurer is hard enough already.

    Note that Magic-User is not a jack-of-all-trades attribute. In AdventureLand there is no way to change things by magic. Check the sidebar about spell casting out-of-combat for details.