All Growed Up

All Growed Up is a game about teenagers in suburbia – how they hate their lives, how they cope and what happens to them after they grow up. There are 2 ways to win – either by strategising the number of dice in your 3 pools (Rebellion, Suburbia and Self-Hatred) or by winning a group vote as having created the most hateful character.

Teenagers growing up in suburbia. Teenagers who hate their surroundings and their lives. In this game, they have 3 ways to express that hatred: by rebelling, by pretending it doesn?t exist, or by turning it on themselves.

Your job as a player is to try and keep the three in balance ? and to share your personal experiences with the other players.

The stories you?ll be telling in All Growed Up go from when a group of friends in a suburb all turn 13 till the end of their 19th year. Basically, from entering high school to moving out from under your parents? control and starting to figure out life on your own.


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