Always Lonely Never Alone

Welcome to the Cage. This is your new home. You’d better accept it too, for there is no way to leave. You are trapped here. As we are…

Always Lonely, Never Alone is a 24-hour rpg submitted to the 2015 loreshapers contest, meeting strangers. It is about common people suddenly waking up trapped in an unknown complex, the Cage, along with others. Their primary goal is probably to find out how they got there and escape, not necessarily in that order. Above all, though, they have to survive. To do that, they will have to work together, which may prove to be the biggest challenge.

ALNA features quick, random character generation for those who want to get a character fast, special handling of character death, and a light and straightforward set of rules, aimed towards increasing drama and tension.

The game is released under the CC BY-NC-SA license.


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