Badass Presidents

Badass Presidents is an RPG about playing super-powered American Presidents as they fight against cthulean space horrors, Evil Jesus, and reborn deities in a post-apocalyptic world. Need I say more? No? Good.

Badass Presidents is a game of playing American Presidents who are sufficiently badass. The world has been destroyed, overrun by mutants, evil deities, and horrors from beyond the stars. As an American President, what can you do but dust off your knuckleduster and get ready to kick some ass.

Badass Presidents is a role-playing game, and additionally, one designed in 24 hours as a part of a contest. Therefore, the reader is cautioned in that when reading the content that you are about to behold, keep in mind that you got what you paid for. If you paid money for this document, you should find who sold it to you, and beat the crap out of them for making an idiot out of you.


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  1. Show how bad your ass can really be in Badass Presidents by Orion Cooper | Future Gaming Says:

    […] Badass Presidents is a bonkers pulp post-apocalyptic-supers roleplaying game where you play an American President from history who has reappeared to fight all manner of beaked, tentacled and suckered evil. Play Lincoln with a rocket launcher or Washington with a machete and kick some deity/space monster/mutant/evil historical figure’s ass (or arse). Written by Orion in 24 hours as an entry into the 1KM1KT / Free RPG Blog 24 Hour Competition. […]