Black Widows

In Black Widows, this incredibly short yet awesome RPG, you play the ex-girlfriends of Cobalt Gunn, a super-spy. Your mission: bring him to his knees.

There is a man, the world?s greatest super-spy, named Cobalt Gunn. Tall, dark, and handsome, he travels the globe doing super-spy things. If it?s an English-speaking country, he?s probably worked for it, stealing technology, learning secrets, shooting bad guys, and sleeping with exotic beauties. Wicked, deadly exotic beauties that he so casually left behind without even as much as a convenient lie to at least show he cared; not even so much as a ?well, that was nice, but I?ve got to go out and save the world early this morning and I?ll call you later.?

That son of a bitch.


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