CARPS – Customizable Abstract Roleplaying System Version 4.

Well, here it is; version 4. of CARPS. In the making of this, I trashed every single rule. This is a completely different game system than 3.5. I think you will find it quite drool-worthy. A lot of the rules seem kind of crazy and pointless, but they are all there for a damn good reason; don’t question the RPG designer! At the bottom of the page I have added a justification for every rule. Finally, this is not for beginners. This is pretty advanced and makes no attempt to explain the basics of roleplaying. Newcomers would be better off with Version 3.5 or CARPS lite.


Concepts: Nick Thomas
Writing: Nick Thomas
Editing: Nick Thomas
Publishing: Nick Thomas
Ideas and Inspiration, with all due respect:
GURPS, FUDGE, Risus, Alternate Realitites, and of course SLUG.


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