Crazy Train

Crazy Train is a roleplaying game where the GM must spend his resources in order to make sure that the plot is followed faithfully and the reluctant heroes make it to the end of their journey.


The first thing the game needs is a story. The GM decides on 2 things first: What is the genre of the story(post-acolyptic horror, tolkien fantasy, etc etc) and how many protagonists(Determined by the players available) there are. After that, the GM writes the story broken up into specific parts called “Story points”, which are either PC Decisions or Scene Framing.

PC Decisions are a description of what choice the PC makes and what happens afterward. Refer to the PC as its players name because the PC’s haven’t been created yet and we therefore know nothing about them. Scene Framing is the description of a new scene, what it looks like and what is going on in it.

Write 6-12 Story points and you’re done with a Story that you can play out with your friends! Note that you have Resource Points equal to three times your Story Points.


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