Cruelty and Gothic Tales

Set in a Victorian World somewhere in time on The Misty Continent. There are five giant cities of the Misty Continent and these are their Gothic tales. Based on Wuthering Heights roleplay By Philippe Tromeur.


2 Responses to “Cruelty and Gothic Tales”

  1. Silas Lima Says:

    Hi Eldrad!
    I’m brazillian and I recently created a fórum about rules-light rpgs. If you permit me I would like to translate “Cruelty and Gothic Tales” to my language and deliver it for free in the forum. Of course under your name and any other data you want. Please if it is ok could you let me know? If you prefer I can also send you the translation so you could deliver it, since I can link to the place where the file will be from my forum. Could be even here in 1km1kt if you and this site´s crew decides so.
    If you think it is better not I understand, no problems!
    Thanks anyway!
    Silas Lima

  2. Eldrad Wolfsbane Says:

    Yes! That would be great! Please do so!