Dark Stories

Originally made for NaGa DeMon. This is dark stories, my first role-playing game I made and brought out to download for free. It’s a modern-day diceless role play where the characters have encountered something of unnatural origins, these encounters give the characters quest and the players motivation to go on with the search to the unknown.

There is a system in the game that allows the players to use dices and a few demons and spells for game masters to use. there are also a character sheet with explanation for first time players.

The cause of the game is that the players use their knowledge and contacts to find clues to the current problem, this could include a horrible monster or some thing supernatural that has happened or is happening.

This role-play can be used for a single session or a campaign of multiple sessions.

This is the first role-play I made and want to know what’s good an what can better, it’s a trail and if you think some parts can be better please notify me. If the results are good ill bring out a supplement and if there are bad ill try to make the game better, if you have some criticism on the document be specific about it.
Have fun.


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