Death’s Head

In DEATH’S HEAD, players are dropped in the boots of SS-TV troopers as they administrate a concentration camp. What starts as a relatively routine “day at the office,” however, turns supernatural. Like something out of the most vicious of blood libel rumours, concentration camp prisoners become flesh eating monstrosities. There’s really no easy or  politically correct way to say this, so I’ll just say it: yeah, this is a zombie game set in a concentration camp.


2 Responses to “Death’s Head”

  1. Misterecho Says:

    When I first read this I was a little offended. However, I re-read it and tried to see through my immediate knee jerk reaction. Yes the topic is sensitive, however I don’t think this game is trying to be deliberately exploitative.

    I like the innovative chess mechanic. I couldn’t see myself playing this game, but I enjoyed reading it. It certainly challenged me. Thanks.

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