Demilich is my entry for the 2011 Ronnies, using skull and old as ingredients.

You were once an ancient, powerful wizard, your power unrivaled except by the Gods! Your
magic had even preserved you; for a time. Flesh became gaunt; gaunt flesh became bones,
bones became brittle, until finally you’re just a skull on a shelf. Sure, you still have eons of
experience and knowledge at your command, but no hands!

You try and exert your influence over those that come across your paths. You’ve built networks
of spies, gotten comfortable in your new digs when someone starts swiping up all the talent.
Seems like there’s other skulls out there, wielding their power in your turf and that JUST.

Demilich is a 2-3 player competitive story strategy game where you will play a demilich (a
magical ancient skull), build their fortress, minions and network of influence and destroy those of your competitors. Explore the angst and isolation of being a magical skull…or just crush your opposition. The game plays in approximately 2 hours from start to end.


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