Dice Chucker

Contact: oversoul_games@hotmail.com

Website: http://dicechucker.catch.com

Dice Chucker is a simple and fun system designed for the gamer looking for something different. It can be used in any genre from fantasy to sci-fi . The basic system is straightforward. A gamer will be able to begin playing after only a few minutes.

As its name implies part of the fun of Dice Chucker is throwin’ the dice. Have you ever gotten a rush of adrenaline when you pick up dice for a crucial roll? Dice Chucker takes the usual, boring dice rolls and adds a new twist with Power Dice. Power Dice can drastically alter what happens to the character and the players in the game! They create a whole new dynamic to your normal game session. Not only what action you choose to take is important, now the dice you and your friends hold in your hands can be just as important.


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  1. Michael Perce Says:

    I wanted to drop you guys a quick line to say thanks for dicechucker, it is a great system and I really enjoy using it. Thanks and keep up the great work.

  2. Battlefield 3 forums Says:

    Superb read. Thanks a lot !!!