Escape from Hell!

“Escape from Hell!” is a roleplaying game where the players portray damned souls caught in Hell. Their goal is to journey through all of the spheres of Hell in order to get to the exit at the center. Through it all, they have to deal with the constant pain of being a damned soul.

“Escape from Hell!” is a result of a 24 Hour RPG contest using the terms, ?Pain? and ?Sphere.? It presents the Christian version of Hell as the true version. This is not meant to be a religious statement of any kind but merely the basis for the setting and context of the game. In other words, just have fun and don?t take it too seriously.

He awoke in agony. Michael screamed until he was hoarse and then continued screaming for what seemed like eternity. Finally, he pushed the pain down until it felt merely like a burning spike being pounded in his head. Ending his own screaming allowed him to hear the screaming all around him. He opened his eyes and sat up to see bodies writhing on the ground in every direction.

Michael heard a shout and turned to see a girl running towards him.

?Here?s one over here!? She yelled behind her, motioning towards Michael.

He waited until she arrived and asked the question burning in his head almost as hotly as the spike. ?Where the hell am I??

The girl smiled slightly and shook her head. ?Never changes. You all ask the same question and answer it in the same breath. Welcome to Hell. Sorry, can?t explain more now. I know it hurts, but we?ve got to get moving before the demons find us.?

Michael groaned, ?What could be worse than this??

The girl sighed. ?Think about what could be better. There is a way out of here and free from the pain. Or you can stay, and the demons whip you, rend you apart, feed you to a three-headed dog, and then start thinking on how to really torture you.?

Michael stood faster than he thought possible. ?Let?s go.?


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