Excalibur: The Complete Guide

The world of Albion is in despair. Evils arise from the dark corners of the world. Orcs and goblins pour out of their lairs in endless droves. Dragons and great beasts of untold terror stir from their underground caverns. But bastions of civilization, defended by stout champions of great courage, stand against this dark tide. Will you join and help in this age of need, an age in need of heroes?

Excalibur is a fantasy RPG where players take the role of heroes in the world of Albion, fighting against (or for) the darkness. From knights in shining armor to arcanists unleashing magical devastation, players can assume the role of any hero. Excalibur is based on the Adventurer RPG by Joe Pruitt. It should be played by a group of about four (4) people and one GM (Game Master).


I finally remembered to submit this to 1km1kt. It has been a long time. Be on the lookout for the expansion set… coming soon.

Game Masters; feel free to exercise your creative freedom within the world of Excalibur. If not for Mr. Pruitt’s permission to allow me to use his creation (Adventurer RPG), Excalibur may have never been created. So, from one RPG player to another, I wish you good luck on your adventures into Albion. May your minds bring you into the uncharted areas of your imagination!

-B.G. Selidio Tan


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