Getting our Game Chef 2011 submission, Forsooth!, in under the wire.

Forsooth! is a game inspired by Shakespeare, wherein players control multiple characters with disparate motivations to, together, improvise a tale of Shakespearean scope. Unlike traditional RPGs, Forsooth! uses no game master or storyteller. One man in his time plays many parts, so we are all storytellers, all actors, all directors, all playwrights. As an ensemble, the players will tell the tale of a group of Exiles. Whether that story is comedy or tragedy, history or farce, is up to the players to decide as the game runs its course. Along the way, the players characters may scheme, fight, deliver moving soliloquies, question their mortal nature and even forswear their solemn oaths, all in the name of applause. The action begins when the first character enters, and ends when all the Exiles are either married or dead.

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