Here be Dragons

Here be Dragons is a roleplaying game of adventuring into the darkest corners of the world, shooting strange creatures and avoiding the jealousy of your colleagues. What’s hit is history, what’s missed is mystery.

Here be Dragons!

What’s hit is history.

What’s missed is mystery.

A roleplaying game of adventuring in the uncharted areas of the world , shooting exotic creatures and giving in to petty jealousies.

A 24 hour RPG for the November Ronnies 25

Using the words ‘DRAGON’ and ‘GUN’

By Iain McAllister

For Melinda


Ah so you have chosen to cast your eye across this fine periodical have you. Excellent choice old boy, though I must warn you. The tales within are not for the faint hearted for this is a journal full of daring do, tragic loss and lucky escapes. Of men and women willing to go to the very extremes of society in order to further that they most strongly believe in ‘Science’. You may think they sound like noble souls, no? Be careful, for even those who are willing to sacrifice much to journey deep into the darkest areas of the world succumb to human weakness, a desire to be the best, to bring back the most exciting specimen, to be recognised for the explorers they truly are. And they will do anything to ensure that they do!

What is this then?

The tome you hold in your hands is a game, but not like your conventional board or card games you will be use to playing. In this game you and a group of your friends, who we will refer to as players, sit round a table and pretend to be imaginary people called characters, or player characters (PCs). These characters you portray react to situations and people described to them by one of the players, who acts as a Games Master, essentially controlling the world the PCs interact with rather than just controlling a PC. Every Role Playing Game, RPG, has different objectives for the PCs to perform, be it rescuing damsels in distress from fiery castles, or saving the world from scheming villains.

What do I do in this game?

In ‘Here be Dragons’ the player characters, who we will call Explorers from here on in, journey into the darkest areas of the world, the unexplored areas, the areas where ‘here be dragons’ might be written on a map, to find, shoot and catalogue all manner of strange beasts, birds and insects. The dragons of the title are not literal dragons, but the metaphorical dragons of sailor’s tales, myth and legend. Along the way they will overcome obstacles described to them by the Guide, the Games Master mentioned above, as well as their seething jealousy of the other players and their desire to be the best and come out on top no matter what. The game is set in and around 185 – 186, the period of Darwin and Wallace and the beginning of the theory of evolution.


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