House of Unusual Size

The PCs wake with no memories and find themselves trapped in Keeton Manor–a mysterious mansion of infinite size. They must struggle to discover their own identities and the nature of their relationship to the haunted Keeton family while desperately seeking a way to escape to house.

The House of Unusual Size uses a round-robin GM system, which alternates GM and player duties during each scene and gives the group a chance to experiment with genres and narrative styles during each session.

Created for the Harder Than Granite 24 Hour RPG Competition.


One Response to “House of Unusual Size”

  1. Fabrice Says:

    Hello Shae !

    I found your “tiny” game “house of unusal size” really great and well done !
    I’ve made a translation, adding some advices, in french. We are a little indie RPG publisher, and i want to release your game in french for a big rpg meeting, but i want to release it on paper.
    Will be a pretty little book, A6w, 8 pages.
    But i want to sell it, not for wining money but for paying the printer, is it ok for that ? (price will be probably tiny, like 2€)

    Thanx by advance !
    And “Bravo” !

    Fabrice P. / Del Armgo