I Will Be Hamlet!

What is this game about?

This is about how far will you go to get the part of Hamlet in the free version that the very prestigious James Maryon wants to perform.

What do the characters do?

The characters are actors who, based on their drives, will try to get The Part while being bound in a medieval castle, forced to coexist with each other; and they will perform their monologues, suspect from their rivals and sabotage their own monologue, or maybe kill them!

What do the players do?

The players will divide themselves, because one of them will be the Dealer and the Judge and the others will be the Actor*’s players. They all will play the part of one character (Mr. Keeton, the Butler for the Judge and the Actors for the rest). They will describe whatever they may be interested, requested, or needed, trying to make their character win; the rules, based in cards games, are made for getting this done properly.

*Masculine is used not because sexism, but because laziness.


[Post competition versions included (1.1 etc) – misterecho]


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