Keeton Must Die! Teddy Bear Blood Sport

At one time their stores were once populated every strip mall in America. Children would line up to create their new friend: pick a skin, eyes, a nose, the mouth and then fill it with fluff. It was magical experience and every child wanted one. However, soon the economy failed and the stores were left to decline, leaving thousands of empty husks hanging lifeless on the shelves, waiting for someone to give them a home and love them dearly. This love never came.

Dr. Reginald Keeton, the CEO of TeddyBears, Inc. took three popular things and combined them into a marketing frenzy unlike anything anyone had seen before. Reality TV, Blood Sport, the cute wasted husks of the Teddy Bears of his empty stores and created entertainment that took the world by storm.

Dr. Keeton was as astute and powerful if misguided student of the occult and used his talents in dark magics to invest the empty husks with lost souls he pulled from the depths of Hell. This act of desperation led to many of the bears to be home to some of the most vile and twisted souls ever seen by humanity. However, this worked to his advantage…for a time. The bears were bloodthirsty killers and performed exactly as he directed.

Children and their misguided parents lined up to watch their favorite stuffed animals slash and tear each other apart, ripping the enchanted fluff from their guts, all while the audience screamed in sheer joy. The show became a massive hit and things were great for many months and TeddyBears, Inc. saw huge profit margins and Keeton was hailed as a master businessman. He named his creations ScareBears.

Then the trouble began. The souls became restless and unhappy in their condition. Frankly, they were a little pissed they had been trapped in puny little furry bodies, can you really blame them? People began disappearing from the set of the TV show, the telltale sign of a little fluff left at the scene of the crimes was a dead giveaway as to who was at fault. Initially Keeton did all he could to cover the problem and continue his show. Quickly the bears out smarted him and began plotting.

Recently, a few bears failed to appear for their performance. Their cages were checked but found empty. The ScareBears have been released upon the world. Keeton nervously now watches his back.

Enter the world of

Teddy Bear Blood Sport!


6 Responses to “Keeton Must Die! Teddy Bear Blood Sport”

  1. Charlie Bear Says:

    Shocking! I feel slightly queasy…

  2. teddy bear Says:

    I had a pound puppy like that. I gave it to Sprite “briefly” one night and haven’t taken it out of the closet since.

  3. Bercilac Says:

    Great work. I particularly admire your BMing advice.

    This has a really dark, somewhat subversive, feel. The mass-produced symbols of childish joy are twisted into the scourge of suburbia. And suburbia takes on a slightly distopian feel, particularly with granny’s false teeth shuriken… I’d love to run this as a one-shot (I’m not sure how suitable it would be for a long-term campaign) particularly on halloween.

    A few ideas for running this:
    -Make everyone follow the roleplaying conventions laid down in “Puppetland.” Speak in squeaky little voices, and no swearing or outright vicious speech. This will make the actions of the Bears all that more awful. “Oh, Mister policeman! You’re making me sad! I guess it’s time to play my special game!”
    -Get people to bring a stuffed animal to the game. As they have no mechanical effects, it would make a great prop for pantomiming.
    -Try to make the world scarier than the bears. I find, in this game, the bears seem like terrified and abused children. How would they see the world?

    Come home safely and soon, Matt.

  4. Wall the 5th. Says:

    Brillaint idea, and one with clear rules, athough not really epic-campaign mateiral.

    I personally don’t see the bears like frightend children much, athough the game could be played like that easily. there’s a lot that can be done with this.

    Also, if i ever get to play or run this, first thing i’m doing is makeing a four-armed Witchdoctor Bear with razor claws and a penchant for hearts.

  5. ethan Says:

    how do you download keethon must die?

  6. ethan Says:

    is keethon must die a real game to download