KRASNOARMEETS is a submission for the November Ronnies. It’s an RPG/minis hybrid centering on the unglamorous southern flank of the Battle of Stalingrad in the autumn of 1943.

It is the autumn of 1942. In the Hero City of Stalingrad, heroic Red Army defenders are battling for their lives against the fascist hordes who have invaded Mother Russia. Street to street and house to house, the hard-bitten Soviet soldiers fight with the desperate ferocity of madmen.

You are not one of them. You are a new arrival on the scene, one of a huge number of Red Army troops moved into position along the banks of the Don river, northwest of Stalingrad, in recent weeks. Everybody knows that you’re here for the big push. When winter stars to set in and the ground freezes hard, Marshal Zhukov will order you and your mates forward to smash the thinly-defended German lines and trap the Hitlerites in the city. For right now, though, the rains continue to pour down, turning the yellow earth into mud. This horrible mud. And because idleness in soldiers is a recipe for trouble, and because Comrade Stalin wants to keep the fascists on their toes, you have to go out on patrol in it.


2 Responses to “Kpachoapmee”

  1. Chris Johnson Says:

    Is it possible to download this? I teach an after-school class in military history and gaming, and we devoted two full sessions to the street-fighting in Stalingrad.


  2. Keeton Says:

    Hi Chris – The download link was accidentally left out of the post. Thanks for the heads up! I’ve added the download link for this game above.