As a badass Barbarian, you heft your mighty battle ax and cut down your enemies while trying to contain your rage.

As a badass Noble, you use your social position to scheme your way to power while trying to overcome your madness.

As a badass Sorcerer, you use blood to summon vile demons to do your bidding while trying to hide your deformity and maintain control.

Krone is a sword and sorcery game centered on a corrupt and decaying city in the middle of a poisonous swampland. Players have a choice of three classes – a raging Barbarian, scheming Noble, or corrupt Sorcerer.

Krone provides just enough of a setting to run with and a very simple system that focuses on speed of play and encouraging slaughter and mayhem. This is a perfect game to run on short notice when you don’t have enough players show up for your regular session.

There’s this decadent Sword and Sorcery type city called Krone that’s situated in the middle of a vast swampland. It used to be the crown of civilization until something happened to the fertile plains surrounding it, turning the land into a subtly poisonous swamplands. Now the crops do strange things to people as does most of the drinking water found in Krone.

It has gradually begun to weaken the people’s minds, making them just a little off-balanced, and weakening their bodies just a little bit, making them a little more susceptible to disease.

But sometimes people are born with hideous deformities. They are either slain outright or abandoned/escape to the swamps. People don’t go into these swamps. There are demons living in
their murky waters and rumors are that sorcerers live out there as well, enslaving the foul demons to do their bidding. Rumors even say that the sorcerers are none other than the mutants themselves.

Several corrupt, decadent houses of nobility rule Krone in an uneasy alliance.

To the north the twisted swamps give way to purer lands and barbarians rove the steppes. They occasionally make trips to Krone in order to obtain weapons and medicines. The steppes are a barren land and resources are scarce.

But only the finest warriors are sent because of the dangers present not only in the swamps but the decaying city itself.


6 Responses to “Krone”

  1. bal3000 Says:

    This (along with the T&D and Sovereign games) is fantastic stuff. Krone is my favourite because all the background info fits on a single page, the rules are short, sweet and fit the setting and to be perfectly honest I just love the name…..anybody who plays this with me will be subjected to me going (puts on best James Earl Jones voice) “KRONE!” every 10 minutes or so!

  2. bob Says:

    thanks i was looking for a rpg game and my mom and dad didnt let me become members on any of them even if i payed for it with my own allowance but im sure this one will be bada$$

  3. Kyle Dog Says:

    how do u get to play it??

  4. runescApe NerD Says:

    how do we play it!!!!

  5. Crayon Samurai Says:

    It’s a tabletop rpg. You create a character on a sheet of paper (provided) along with your friends. One of you creates the world, the rest control characters. Roll dice to determine outcome.

  6. thatbennyguy Says:

    omg sooooooo cool